Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baked goods and a card

Here are my prebaked cherry almond muffins.  Cherry and almonds are a wonderful combination! I would like to try dried mi sweet cherries and almonds in a bagel!!  Sounds way too yummy!
I had made a large batch of streusel so added a bit ontop of these otherwise nekked muffins!  Ok that would be my "farmgirl bling" instead of glaze!LOL
They turned out so nice and big!! way over the top of the muffin pan and look way too pretty.
I also decided to do some cherry almond mini cakes for market too.
These guys are my old fashioned pound cake but I added cinnamon streusel to the inside of them for a little surprise.
The strawberry crisp was a huge hit! This white and pink tree is blooming just outside at the kitchen!! ISNT it gorgeous! all the bloomin trees seem extra full this spring! Probably because we actually have had a perfect spring, warm days, cool nights and some rain so makes trees full!! April showers definetly bring may flowers!!   Feeling the deep desire to create something I whipped up another special mothers day card!!  this is for a dear friend of the family out in arizona.  She loves flowers so I added vines of sweet peas on this card.  Then using my super PAPER TREY INK mothers day stamp set I stamped mother on it.  Love the frame is is painted light pink then I went over it with antiquing medium, and dry brushed black to outline it.  Added a bit of Martha Stewart's pink glitter and it is done! 
My Mr Boopie Woopie Boo is always sleeping on Busters back!!  They will lay on the couch for hours like this!!  Buster is so gentle and kind he doesnt mind his little brother climbing all over him.  When we first brought MBWB home he would curl up ontop of Buster and sleep, he must feel safe with his big brother near by.  Buster is usually acting like the mommy here, one of our cats Chevy Girl would sleep curled up by his belly when she was just a tiny baby and he watched over her too.  And last spring when babies were hatching I took him out to the coop to see them, he laid on the floor and the little chicks were climbing over him.  He just sniffed them and watched them closely!! Such a doll baby I have!!  OH which brings me to some news! While doing chores yesterday am I checked under one of our 5 hens that are laying on eggs and guess what!!!!! 2 babies!! oh they are just so stinkin cute! I will have to take some pics of the newest farm members.  We have about 2 dozen eggs out there that hens are on so they should  start hatching any day now!!  Did u know it takes right around 21 days for a chicken egg and rigth around 27 days for a duck or guinnea egg to hatch.  Just a bit of chick trivia this am!! LOL
Oh and here are my nekked strawberry banana bread loaves!! these are  (pattin myself on the back) my recipe!!  and they are a great seller at market. And yall know I add my "farmgirl bling" to them.  Just a powdered sugar glaze with a touch of banana extract for a more flavor.   I just forgot to take the after pics.  So the regular weekly markets start up for me this week!! I am happy but will miss the every other week market.  Kind of was nice to know the off weeks I would spend alot more time at home and also in my studio with my 3 boys close by!!  LOVE my boys!!  I will leave yall for today and say hope you are safe and happy!! It is rainin here so I will probably work in the greenhouse a bit. lots of transplanting to do and more seeds to get in the trays.   AWWWWWW love spring and gettin dirty!! LOL
Have a blessed sunday be back tomorrow!!


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pinkglitterfae said...

Your treats look scrumptious! that must keep you quite busy, lol!
and the photo of your two babies is so sweet. You are so lucky to have wonderful animals.
Great job on your Mother's Day card! How do you find time to do it all?
Can't wait to see the pics of the baby chicks. They are so adorable!