Friday, May 21, 2010

Baking and market

So yesterday was ALLEGAN MI farmers market!! ALL I can say is a huge THANK YOU !! to all my customers and everyone that did come out!!!! IT was a great day!! the best part all the vendors/farmers there were all local to allegan and raise their own produce, plants and treats!!!
I was able to get my hot little working hands on a gorgeous 29 pounds of fresh rhubarb!!! THANKS SUSAN!!  My rhubarb is still goin strong but I am wanting it to reseed so I am not pickin anymore.   So today is gonna be a rhubarb jelly making day!!  and also for market next week some old fashioned farmhouse rhubarb treats!! 
Lemon buttermilk cake with some "farmgirl bling" lemon glaze.
Here is a bit of a tutorial on making ravioli
Roll the sheet of dough thin using the pasta machine run it thru to the last thinnest setting.  Place ontop of ravioli mold, using the indentation form press lightly.
Using a pastry bag and large star tip I piped some of the filling into each mold then topped it with another sheet of dough.   Using a rolling pin roll ontop of mold to press the grooves into dough and cut each square.   Flip upside down to push the ravioli out of mold.
And here they are!!    One thing I did this week was made an extra batch of dough layered between sheets of film, then took out just before making them.  As the dough thawed which only took a couple of minutes it did get a bit sticky, I just brushed it with a tiny tiny bit of flour then placed on top of mold.   Now if you dont have a mold you could certainly roll the sheets place filling then top and use a pizza cutter or pastry wheel to cut each square to any size.  The good thing about using the pasta maker is the sheets come out just a bit bigger than the mold, I just froze all the scraps then took them out as needed for supper.  Egg noodles are yummy with a bit of butter and salt and pepper and makes a great side dish.      Butter crumb topped blueberry muffins.  THESE are the best muffins!!   Customers came back and bought a couple after tasting them. Nekked lemon buttermilk cakes with blueberriesGolden cinnamon bread loaf, one thing I will note is to add more cinnamon sugar inside the bread.  When done baking to 200 degrees I brushed each loaf with melted butter and sprinkeled cinnamon sugar ontop. Inside of one of the lemon buttermilk blueberry cakes.  Tomorrow there is a 70% chance of rain so not sure if I am gonna do market in south haven.  I have an order for some jellies and will probably work on them this weekend.   Plus I need to work on my recipe books as I have someone starting next week to help me bake! YEAH!! maybe I will finally get more time to try and experiment new things!!  Be on the look out for lots of new treats!! savory and sweets!! 
Have a great TGIF!!

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