Sunday, May 30, 2010

Buns and market day

I made an extra batch of bread dough and decided to play around and make some homemade sandwich or hamburger buns.  I found out you really use the palm of your hand to get a nice finished round edge on them. So after scaling them out at 3 oz each roll the dough around the counter then cup your hand over it pushing in with your thumb to form a perfect circle.  Easy peasy!! and they turn out fantastic!Using a pastry brush to apply a bit of egg warsh to each one then top with seeds.  LOL egg warsh is a perfect glue!!I am so so SO lovin babka!!  What a smell when that bread is baking! heavenly and the dough is so nice to work with and smooth!!   This week I made walnut struesel filled and also a few had some chopped dried apricots also.
This bread rises perfect and looks just delish!!
Sat was my first day back at South Haven Farmers Market and it was better than ever!! seein everyone again and some of my friends stopped by to say hi, which was an added bonus!! Great to see ya Mo, Donna, Gayle, Louise, Elaine and Lynn (miss you guys) Cathy and Deb and    Oh EVERYONE ELSE TOO!   I loved and enjoyed chattin with yall!!  And of cource all my farmer peeps!!!  If it wasnt for all of you my life wouldnt be the same!! and a HUGE GINORMOUS THANK YOU TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS!! we couldnt do a market without yall!!   Oh and whoever was the entertainment yesterday.......... YOU GUYS ROCK!! it was awesome music!!  IF you are near South Haven MI, stop on by on sats for a great time!!  Each week there is someone coming to play music and of cource we have something for everyone, local produce, jams/jellies, great granola, local honey, organic meats, jerkey, beautiful plants, herbs, perenials, handmade goods, soaps, wonderful frozen yogurts, salsas, and of cource AWESOME baked goods!!! LOL
Here are a few pics of market early on as we were all gettin set up.
This guy knows how to grow beautiful perenials!!  GORGEOUS! and he is a great neighbor at market too!!
Well hope yall have a blessed weekend and please take a moment out of your day to thank all the men and women in the military who fight for our freedom and who have graciously given their lives for what we are today....

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