Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baking the day away

ARENT these just the CUTEST SWEETEST little danish??  YEPPER THEY ARE !! Susan made them today, they are the mini version of her AWESOME DELICIOUSLY DELICIOUS danish.   Ok these mini pain au chocolat croissants are HEAVENLY!! my absolute favo of all!! especially fresh warm out of the oven.  There is just something decadent about melting chocolate in a buttery soft shell!!  oh yeah!! heavenly!!  HERE are the finished bites from heaven!! 
I love making bundt cakes and try to take at least one to market. This weeks is a lusciously lemon 7up cake!!love them and they last so long and stay perfectly fresh.  Knowin me yall know what is comin next!!>>>>>.. this cake is too pretty to leave NEKKED!! yall know I added my "farmgirl bling" to this baby. and just a touch of some zested fresh lemon to top it off!! smells so yummy if this doesnt sell my name is all over it!! be a nice desert for us tomorrow night!!
Heres' a new recipe I tried today.   Struesel topped crumb cake.   Ok a few things to not on the next try at these I made the dough yesterday let it set in fridge overnight which made it have a super nice texture and was easy peasy to shape, next time however I would  not fill the pans with so much dough, the dough weighed 14 oz and rose well above the top of pan and with the streusel ontop there was NO way the lid was goin on it.   I would maybe make it 10 oz and then cut in 1/2 after baking and maybe add a layer of whipped buttercream?  The streusel topping is just butter, flour, cinnamon, brown sugar, and walnuts it was good but the recipe called for you to heat the topping before putting on cake I did it dry after putting thru the processor.  This works great I love the crumbly topping and for the "farmgirl bling" on this I added a brown butter glaze ontop.    This does have a very nice texture and is not overly sweet which is nice.  Zucchini pineapple bread was next on the list to be done, this is a favo all the time.  I am running out of zucchini in the freezer so hopefully my plants will take off and it will warm up enough  to produce some for me!!  hurry sunny weather!!  and at least 70 degrees!! LOL next time I make this bread I will not drain the pineapple as it doesnt seem to be as moist as last year so that was the only thing I can think I would have done differently.  I SOOOOOOOOO need to write tips down in a book with my favo recipes.  I dont think about it until after I have made it!LOL  crazy.
Well it was kind of sunny kind of rainy kind of gloomy outside today so it was a good day for us to bake!!  Susan also made some brioche and oh my goodness!!!!!!!! what a wonderful aroma!! I love brioche and love that smell!!   We made a loaf for us for a snacky poo which had olives, ham, guyire cheese and that was super super yummo!! Will have to make some olive cheese bread next week hubby is already whinin because I havent made it for him lately.  So that is already on the list for next week!! LOVE YA honey and promise to make your bread for ya darlin!!  LOL
So gotta run and get out to pick asparagus for market tomorrow.  Have a wonderful evening!! 

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Oh, my mouth is watering! Yum!