Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terrific Tues

Here's my boy Appy.  He is such a sweetie!!
So here are eggs collectected yesterday I just love those auracauna egg colors, light blue/green to a dark olive color and the shades of browns is fun too.
Here are the 2 babies this little frizzle hen hatched out the other day.  They are so stinking cute and sweet!! She is a very good mamma too.  Hopefully more will start hatching, there are 3 dozen eggs under 3 more hens out in the coop. Mamma watches over those babies I pu her with them in a big cage so noone will hurt the wee ones. 
You can just see them under her wings. LOL too cute!!This is one of the bronze turkey babies. Hope we have a pair of them so we can hatch their eggs next year.
More babies!
And my Ms Rosie May!! She is such a stinker!!  She is also know round here as houdini! she can get out and runa much on the farm anytime!!  she also thinks my farm stand when all the produce is out there was her buffet table!! she would take a bite of this and that and leave to sample something else!! we put a stop to that!!! she isnt out of the pasture unless I am right there!! watchin what she gets into,  she got out last spring and ate down ALL of my black raspberry bushes in record speed!! not this time missy!!  That look on her face says MISCHIEF!! ans she is full of that!!
and here is Beau! he is my little darlin boy!! He is very sweet and gentle and Ms Rosie May is such a brat to him.  She pushes both Appy and Beau out of their food bowls and hogs all the feed.  I attached the buckets to the gate so she cannot get to Appy's anymore and seperated hers and Beaus so it makes it harder for her to get to his.  
Have a blessed day I am on my way out to meet with a potential retail customer!! Wish me luck!! Fingers are crossed!!

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