Thursday, May 6, 2010

Asparagus ravioli pics

My friend and I made some asparagus and cheese stuffed spinach ravioli.  This is what we did to make this delicious dish!!! and it was very very tasty!!
We started out steaming some fresh asparagus then put it in the processor to puree.Made some spinach pasta then ran it thru the pasta machine til nice and thin.
Here is her ravioli maker which worked like a charm and gave the little pockets of filled pasta a very cute rippled edge.
The filling was put into a piping bag to make it easier to put it inside the ravioli which consisted of the pureed asparagus, a touch of salt and fresh ricotta cheese.
The spinach pasta ready for filling.
AND HERE THEY ARE!~ all filled and sealed!! We were thinking the next time we make em this week they will be a bit thicker so instead of putting the pasta thru to the thinnest setting we will cut it back by one and maybe not press the top part on the ravioli maker so hard, it makes a perfect indentation for the filling but a few split open, probably though because the filling is a bit on the wet side too.
Susan cooked them up and then added some butter, salt and pepper and a few chopped up chives.  Oh I am so sorry I forgot to take a pic of them before we ate!! Believe me though they were AWESOME!! and so so yummy!~ that asparagus and cheese was the best!!And on to something new that was delic!!  Homemade cinnamon honey graham crackers!! Oh my goodness now we are all gonna be spoiled by these and sorry Mr Keebler and your little elves!! no more store bought!! nope NEVER!! if you havent tried making them you should surely put this on a list of things to make soon!! LOL I made them a bit thicker than your average everyday graham so I would think these would make a most awesome tastin smore!!! ok gotta run and make a fire outside!! LOL just kiddin, and these would probably make a wonderful crust all finely ground up.  I can see making these regularly!! the texture was perfect and the taste from the fresh honey was incredible. 
Not meaning to put any elves out of work!! they will be a favo at markets I am sure!Just poke em with a fork here and there randomly and bake for only 9-11 min and enjoy!!  Well I hope yall have a Blessed Mothers Day !!  I will be with my mom at the shop, by the way we do deliver around the Fennville and surrounding towns so we can still get something nice made and out today!! Floral Touch Florist 269-543-4815

ENJOY your day and I will be back tomorrow!!

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