Tuesday, May 11, 2010

raining and cold today

WOW!! It is brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold outside!! and it has been raining here since last night.  Only 50's and tomorrow is gonna be raining and thunderstorms on thurs.  Hopefully not too bad as we are outside at market on thurs!! ALLEGAN MI.   We have been picking asparagus and at the kitchen today I made some honey cinnamon graham crackers.  Oh they are super yummo!!  They will be packaged up for market along with some frozen asparagus cheese ravioli, my southern peach cobblers, some of my grandma Rose's southern style flaky buttermilk biscuits,  chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, lavender shortbread cookies, my espresso cream filled espresso cookies, lemon poppyseed muffins and I also will make some struesel topped crumb buns and lemon poppyseed cakes.  So tomorrow will be a wild wed at the kitchen to get more things done.  
I am listing some graham crackers on etsy tonight. 
The babies are all doing fine, the turkeys are growing like crazy!! gosh they are gonna be big!! and right now they are so sweet, I hold them and of cource talk to them alot so they will be more personable.
The boys are all laying around on the couch here watching me so I better get off puter and give them some extra special attention tonight!!  Been gone alot lately and havent had much dog lovin time!! so tonight is it!!  Hope yall are safe and sound and enjoyin your tues night!! We will be watchin Idol tonight and hoping Crystal is gonna be the next idol!!  LOVE how true and down to earth and sincere that girl is.  She isnt exactly country like I love but I do like her voice and her personality is darlin!!   GO CRYSTAL!!
Talk more soon!!
Darlene and "all the kids"
THANKS for stoppin by CSF!!

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Anonymous said...

We are wet and cold here in Ontario as well. I'd love to vote for Crystal too but unfortunately, being Canadian and all, I'm not allowed. Vote a few times for me okay???