Monday, June 7, 2010


Well today shall be a full day at the kitchen!!
We picked about 30 pounds of asparagus to pickel and then I have to do a batch of hot pepper jelly for an order and some streusel topped strawberry rhubarb muffins for my farming friend  Julie Cowie of Improvisation Farmer!! check out her stuff.  I have to say she gave me a bag of some of her mixed lettuce sat and oh my goodness that was yummy!! we had it with supper and some ceaser dressing!! YUMMY! you can pick some up on saturdays at SOUTH HAVEN FARMERS MARKET!! check her out at

So it will be quite a busy monday.
I hope yall have a blessed day and I will share photos and a recipe tomorrow!!

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Cindy B said...

pickled asparagus? sounds interesting! I have never had that before. we just put up about 20 quarts asparagus in the freezer though it is best fresh IMHO) the streusel sounds yummy!