Sunday, June 6, 2010


These are my lemon lavander triangles.  They have our organic lavander buds in them and the sugar I used in making them has been infused for several weeks with fresh lavander sprigs.  Smells so nice!  I could maybe sell them for "stress management" relaxation cookies!! LOL they really do smell good, lavander is one my alltime favo scents.  I made some homemade dryer sheets that were infused with lavander essential oils and love to use them on our bedding.  Heavenly!
Friday was quiche making day in the am.  Susan and I used some awesome ingredients and went at it! 

She did a bit of decoration on the edge of the crusts that looked like roping.
Steamed fresh asparagus 3 pound of it.
Here's a few of the asparagus n cheeses waiting for the egg mixture which was 8 cups of milk, 80 eggs and lots of cheeses.Oh they turned out yummy!!  We did a few with ham and some veggie ones which I cant wait to try some fresh broccoli and maybe tomatoes.  They were quickly frozen and taken to market yesterday.  In by the way my little chest freezer that will be accompaning me to my markets now.  Ravioli, pierogi and the quiche stayed perfect in freezer.    Next week I am plannin on takin some frozen pies too.
and I am making my pickeled asparagus and strawberry rhubarb jam since the berries are lookin rather yummy!!  Boy we had massive downpours yesterday evening into the early am today it is flooded everywhere again.  Lots of rain to make everything grow.  Just too bad we cant order some for in july and aug when we will be cryin for a bit of rain!
My mom and brother came and helped me at market yesterday and it was so much fun!! THANKS MOM AND JOEY!! love havin my family meet my super wonderful customers that come out to markets!  And Joey sold lots of his herbs too!!yeah!!!  If I didnt mention before my brother has a little herb bus and has been attending allegan market for a few years now.  This spring there were a few changes with him and we moved his greenhouse over to here and my mom and I helped him plant lots of herbs and some veggie plants too for markets.  So I was able to bring a few to my market for him.  My brother is a special kid, he is mentally handicapped and we do alot with him.  Poor guy fell a few months ago and broke his arm so it has been along spring  for him.  But hopefully his last splint will be comin off this week.  He has done exceptionally well and tolerated it very good!! LOVE YA JOEY!!  He was excited and laughing as the customers came and bought his herbs.  He knew what was goin on. 
Well hubby and I are gonna do a bit of shopping this am and I am hoping to maybe get a few more things planted in the garden today.  Then it is back to the kitchen to work tomorrow!!  I have an order for some strawberry rhubarb muffins and also my babka coffee cakes for this week.
Hope yall have a blessed sunday!

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