Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot pepper jelly

Well I just got back home from the kitchen and am taking a bit of a break before goin outside to plant some things.   My mom went with me this am and we made a couple of batches of our hot pepper jelly, and hot hot pepper jelly!!  I forgot to take my camera with so no pics right now for ya!! SORRY!!  We also made up 12 dozen tater-n-cheese stuffed pierogi for market and orders for this week.   This time I did saute the onions first in butter and added a bit of seasonings and used yukon gold and reg ol baking taters, which is a nice combo.  Sharp cheddar, mozzarella, parmesean and some fresh guyere cheeses are all awesome together!!  I will note we decided to only take the pasta machine up to number 4 as they were just too thin on 5 and way too thick on 3 maybe it depends on the humidity in the air with this particular dough but it was vey thin today.   I also make mixes up for the week for some muffins and carrot cakes and some coffee cakes.  WHEW too I am a bit on the tired side and really would like to go in the 5th wheel with my boys and take a nap!!  Actually NO naps round here this week it is gonna be a busy one as I start my sunday market this week.  Everyother sunday that is but still 3 markets this week.  FSAM fulton street arrist market and I will be bringing some baked goods and a few of my altered signs too.  I cant wait they started today!!  
It is a bit on the chilly side out, I had a tshirt and one of hubbys flannel shirts on too and was comfy.   Thank goodness we didnt get the storms last nigth that were predited it sounded bad!!  The sun is 1/2 out and 1/2 behind some clouds so not too hot at least!  The boys are all on the couch with mommy! LOVE our nice big ol couch for them to be up on here next to me!!  I dont spend enough time cuddling with my boys lately so need to change that !~!~ and soon~~!   I so wish I could take them everrywhere with me~~
Market yestetrday was awesome!! Thanks everyone that came out with the weather being so crummy it was a busy day!!   Hot at 4 in the am then some rain early  then the fog came in quick and brought really cool air and a breeze then sunny and hot and humid in afternooon!!  We sold out of pierogi by 9am and also ravioli were gone just as quick.  I am still making asparagus cheese and froze about 30 pounds plus pureed for ravioli this summer and winter.  Next i am gonna try  spinach and cheese.  I bought some awesome lookin spinach from my friends at VISSER FARM so will start using that up~~  Ok well hubbyo just came in and announced he wants to get to the store soon so I better get my butt ready! NO nap right now, maybe on the way to the store!! LOL
See u tomorrow!~
with pics too! LOL


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