Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Muffins, cookies, egg bread and a cactus

I made some apple cinnamon muffins with a farmhouse buttercrumb topping today along with some chocolate chip cookies, which are super soft-n-chewy, some more peanut butter whoopie pies and some of my cranberry pecan cookies.This is the butter crumb topping.  Just butter, flour, organic oats, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter.  Great topping for my apple cinnamon mufins loaded with chopped apples.
Strawberry banana muffins, they smell absolutley yummo!!And an order for my braided egg bread. This is right before they went in the oven.  It was in the high 80s again and pretty humid today which is nice for yeast breads as they rise quicker and also are lighter.   I did up 3 batches of babka bread which I have an order for cinnamon raisin bread and babka is just perfect for that.
And here is one of my mom's bloomin cactus plants.  GORGEOUS!! She took clippings on these cactus plants a few weeks ago and put them in pots in the greenhouse, well they love all that humidity and heat in there as one is blooming now.  I wonder if they are all gonna be yellow.  She has like 10 of them in pots, and the herbs my brother grows are HUGE~ they are lovin this weather and growin like mad!!  I have alread clipped from the sweet basil, thyme and also oregano and cilantro and they are just doin great! 
I had a helper today at the kitchen!! ELIJAH thank you so much!! he did great and hopefully will be back tomorrow and friday so I can get everything done!! LOL hopefully!   There just arent enough hours in the day for me to get all I would like to done but I am tring really hard to be more efficient and to get more accomplished.
I did find a recipe for strawberry basil jam in an herb book my mom had so wanna make some of that too.  Sounds yummy!!  And lavander strawberry jam sounds heavenly!!  I have about 10 gallon bags of sliced strawberrries in the freezer now to make jams with so that will be in a couple of weeks. 
Once the produce starts comin in it is a race to use it up!! I do freeze alot and an alot to make the most of it, then I have lots of produce to use up for winter market and also in the late fall. Comes in handy!!
Hope yall have a great night!!  I am off to do chores and figure out what we can have for supper.  Actually not in the mood for breakfast tonight.  Although  strawberry crepes or pancakes  kind of sounds good!!Talk to ya soon again!!

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