Friday, February 4, 2011

Fingers crossed friday

For my bubba to beable to come home tonight~~  I told yall about our dog vomiting problem, he got worse wed night so we called the vet and met them at clinic, they did xrays and found something in his stomach so did emergency surgery, he had a wad of string, and a piece of plastic bag wadded up in his belly, the string was wrapped in his intestines so they had to repair it in 3 places.  So far he's doing good but his labs were a bit lower and he wasnt quite up to speed yesterday so he couldnt come home, this am they are gonna do more bloodwork and another xray to see and make sure there is no tear in the intestines, there was one spot they were worried about. 
PLEASE keep your fingers crossed out little "pookie" will be ok and can come home tonight!! AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WELL WISHES AND EMAILS!!
*I will get the prize mailed out this weekend from mondays winner Laurie!! SORRY it is taking longer*

BUBBA!! your mommy, daddy and brothers MISS you terrible and want you to be back home with us!!  LOVE you "Pookie"


Anonymous said...

Poor little baby... Hope everything works out okay and Bubba comes home soon.

honeycreekprims said...

Oh I am so very sorry. What a cutie and I know how much it hurts to lose such a special animal. It amazing how much love they give to us expecting little in return. If there's a heaven for dogs, I'm sure he's there. God Bless!