Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OH MY SNOWYGOSH!!!!  They say we got 15 plus inches last night and a few more coming today!!  It is blowing and drifting so bad out there right now you cant see very far at all!!  I have been up since 4am  with Bubba, he has vomitted a few times and you can tell he just doesnt feel quite right, gonna watch him close and maybe call the vet this am.    So it is a nap kind of day here for me!! 
Hope everyone around the us is safe and sound there are people stuck everywhere, I opened up the door this am to let Buster outside to potty and the snow was almost up to his back!!  It is really pretty but scary too!!  Hubby has to go plow so at least I know our drive will be clear! LOL usually ours is his last as he says "you have 4wheel drive just go thru it!!" LOL
I will be back in awhile with some things I worked on last night.
Hope yall have a great snowy wed mornin!!!

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mybabyjohn said...

Hope baby Bubba will be all right. We are in the midst of the snow as well. Keep warm.