Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sorry to be MIA, we are putting our little family back together after loosing Bubba.  Hubby and I talk about this terrrible experience together alot and have made a couple of decisions.  One definetly we are seeking another vet neither one of us feel comfortable or for that matter trust them anymore.  Especially since I made a couple of phone calls there afterward to maybe try to understand the reasoning and why they did what they did but the vets would not return my calls!! HOWEVER now that I called and requested our other dogs files to be transfered or copied so I can get started somewhere else they are not wanting to release them to us!! Funny how they called us to tell us that but last week couldnt call and discuss the issuses with us!!!  It is just a shame but I am making it a point to tell peole around here and funny thing is the more people I talk to the more BAD comments I hear and not one person has said they will go there again as they have either had a similar incident or went somewhere else and got the needed help and things worked out!!!  I just cant understand this place and their thinking!!  I know Bubba will live in our hearts forever and with Barney being his real brother we will always have a bit of him to carry on the bloodline!! which I am searching for a little date for him!!  He has lots of experience with all of his stuffed animals if you know what I am saying!!  LOL  At least the fog we have been surrounded by these days is lifting and things are becoming a bit better in this home.  Buster and Barney have helped their mommy and daddy emensly and I sure couldnt go thru this without them or Bryan!!  Love ya babe!!

OK on to something a bit more bright!!!   WE had a great day at the flower shop for valentines day.   Heres a few pics I snapped in the morning before we opened.  IT was fun to see our regular customers and met alot of new ones too!! 
This is a very special sweet customer/friend of mine with her precious little girl all decked out in her valentines dress and bling filled collar!!  she is a cute pie and comes to visit us at market each week!!  I sure needed that on sat! THANKS SUE!!

My valentines necklace I made for me to wear on monday.

Love changing my jewelry and being able to make things just for me!! LOL

The front cooler.

this is our back extra cooler we use for holidays.

A glass bubble bowl filled with reds and white flowers

It isnt much but I just love adding hearts into arrangements for Valentines.  We have been making these for years using just a plain ol pipe cleaner!!  Bend it to a heart and tape it on a pick ! 

We sell alot of stuffed animals with flowers and these little guys are perfect for balloon weights. 

And the little bud hugging animals are always a hit! 

double "sweetheart" bears with some cookies

And this guy was my favo!! He is just darling.  the box opens up to place a little sweet something in?? Maybe a ring or a bracelet or candy, we filled it with kisses for someone!  TOO CUTE!! 

and bud vases ready to go out. 

Love red and white in a basket but then again I love the red white and pinks together for this day also!!
ANDDD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. I really want to mention that I have the BEST MOM in the world!! She has been here for me thru so much and continues to be a rock for our family.  Dont know what in the world I would do without her!! She's my bestest friend, my bff, and of cource my mommy!!  LOVE YOU MOM!!  thanks for everything!! and I mean EVERTHING you do for me and for us!! and for your grandkids!!
I hope yall had a wonderful Valentines day full of love and happiness!!
This world needs a bit more happiness in it right now!! '

Have a blessed day!!

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Anonymous said...

Some of the vet clinics these days seem to operate on an assembly line basis with very little feeling for what they are doing. Much like our own doctors offices yes? Look for a small clinic with a welcoming feeling when you walk in the door. We were blessed with a wonderful vet for our babies. After an exam he would hold them and talk to them and have a little conversation with us. The place felt like home. Good Luck.
Lovin the "bling" you made for yourself. Still wearing the one you sent me. Thanks again.