Friday, February 25, 2011

How to make a grungy bird

Alot of you have asked about my grungy cut outs so thought I would post this again it was quite awhile ago when I first posted them.    Starting out with chipboard, you can recycle things like the cereal boxes  using  the inside, the backs of paper work great, or  insides of mail envelopes and pop boxes work great too.   Draw your design on chipboard and cut out.

cut out bird and seperate wing

I put a couple of coats of acryllic paint on each piece, this bird is blue with light blue mixed.

Next pick your favo rubber stamp and stamp on the pieces, I used TIM HOLTZ distressing ink in black for this part. 

Since this is a thank you card I used my stampin up thanks word definition stamp.
Next I used  of my COLORBOX fluid chalk, in chestnut color use a sponge makeup brush I dry brushed the chalk around edges.  This stuff is also gret to use with your stamps to me it gives a nice rustic time worn appearance to your creations.   When you pick up paint on your brush wipe it off or wipe it on paper towel like you do when stenciling, that way you dont get too much of it on your piece. 

  Here's the bird aged, now I also like to take a very dry brush and just tip the edges around pieces with black paint for a great pop!!

All ready

Next I just used the tip of a fine liner paint brush for the eye.   A snap piece from my clothes makin days came in handy for a nice embellishment on the wing.  Attached using some E 6000 glue. 

Now here is the base of the card.  An old book page is ripped around the edges and also dry brushed with my chestnut colored COLORBOX fluid chalk.     And the backround paper edges are done in the same manner. 

So here is the completed card!! A bit of ribbon, a strip of pattered paper, a chipboard heart and the stamped sentiment!! DONE!!
Here are some of my other grungy altered chipboard cut outs!! 

Use your imagination you can alter chipboard with just about any and everything!!   HAVE fun and remember there is no right or wrong way  just YOUR CREATIVE WAY!! 
So create something wonderful today!! 
If you do share your projects with me and I will put everyone in for a drawing of a gift from me!!  This offer will run thru april so you have plenty of time!!
Get creatin yall!!
Talk to more soon

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