Monday, January 31, 2011

A winner and OWOH starts

****Just happened upon your blog! By reading some of your posts, could your present be a Sizzix or CriCutter (I think that's the name??!!) Anyway, it was fun reading your post - I could feel your excitement. I'm a new follower - I also like raising chickens (although at the moment I am chickless!) Here is the winner of the guessing game today!!!***** 
Yepper I got me a cricut expression cutter!~  and have been playin all day with this cute bug!!

Please send me your addy and I will pop your prez in the mail asap!!
Ok also almost forgot to post about ONE WORLD ONE HEART!!  This is the 5th and final year for this amazing and fun blog hop!!  I have been in it for 3 years and have met some wonderful bloggin friends on here!!  SOOOOOOOOOOOO now I have to figure out what I will make for this event!  Last year I sent out a pendant, some paper rosettes and also an altered framed captured fairy so with this being the last year I gotta come up with something extra special!! Will post asap!!
You can figure this out someone will definitely recieve a pkg of mixed things cut with my little bug too!! LOL   It is aquamarine my birthstone color~~ YEAH!! that is kind of cool!! 
Have a great night!!


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~Laurie~ said...

Thank you!!! Glad to have "met" you!