Thursday, January 13, 2011

Terrific Thursday

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY OUT!! yepper it is *** ***  *** snowing!!*** *** ***  YEAH!!

Here is a sneak peek at our sketch lo #12.  It sure has been fun and the best part doing layouts I normally wouldnt do. 

And I have met several new friends and inspiring peoples.

I love love love the little party hat I made using some K&CO patterrend paper.

Here is a little peeksy at a Valentines swap.  I changed my mind after doing the ones I did the other day and liked this better!!

I cant share the whole thing yet as I dont want any of my peeps from my forum to see it before they get it in the mail! I am mailing them soon!!
A couple of baby boy cards I made up yesterday.  they are for sale @3.00 each and they do come with an envelope in matching blue color.

SO I am off to work on sketch #13 which I am super excited to do as it is a wonderful wonderful 2 page to do!!  I think I will use up some of our vacation pics on these.  And I have to run to the kitchen and make up some cookie doughs for next weeks markets.  Shortbread hearts that I will be dipping in melted chocolate, some red velvet cake balls and maybe some chocolate chip cookies? 
Hope yall have a happy and safe thursday!!


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