Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another TERRIFIC Thursday!!

I am so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!  Not only did I get to the kitchen early today and made fresh baguette bread loaves but I also had enough time to watch Julia/Julie movie with my friend Susan (LOVED it by the way)  ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD then got home and finished a project up I started yesterday!!!  I swear if I just didnt need sleep I could be even more dangerous!!!  LOL   back to the movie!! OMGOODNESS GRACIOUS!! what a movie!~  As a kid  I would watch her show over and over and everyday!! Loved that lady and always wanted to meet her!  And this movie makes me even more sad to find out she was such a lovely soul!! Well we are kindred spirits!!
Meryl Streep you were fantastic!!!  she fit the role just perfect!! 
Ok so NO I am not wanting to do every recipe from my beloved bakin sister Julia but there is a book called the crust and crumb that Susan and I want desperately to make every bread in it!! So next week I am makin that my mission that we create a new bread each week!!  ( will keep yall updated on how that works out)  It is perfect timing for this adventure since we only have market once a week I can DO IT!!
On to the project for today!!  I was so insprired by Melissa at lilybeanpapier with her wonderful pin cusions I decided to do one my primitively altered kind of way!!  My mom and I have been buyin up pretty fibers and assorted yarns for scarves but I thought these were perfect for my pinkeep.   I also have a super stash of pretty dresses I buy from thrift stores (NOT to wear silly) to cut up since the fabric is wonderful and you get alot of recycled treasures made from one dress!!  So this light sage piece was left from a dress and it was just enough to make a nice rectangle pin keep.   I used some teadyed muslin for the back. 

Here's the pretty pink/green/white and tan loopy kind of fiber yarn and a super light green alpaca wool yarn I used.

I just started randomly sewing on the fibers to the fabric.  So fun to just sit and do it with no pattern!! Yepper I live on the WILD SIDE sometimes!! 

You can see here I also added in a bit of purplish fun fibers.

Dont forget if yall are makin one for yourself to leave a section unsewn for turnin and stuffin!

I crocheted a flower with the multi colored fibers and hand sewn that on with a little button center.

It still needed a bit of that "farmgirl" bling of mine so I strung up a few glass beads.  again with reckless abandonment! LOL and added them to hang under the flower.

This also has some lavender buds and a touch of lavender essential oil inside so it smells divine!! 

Made some coconut macaroons today these still have to have their little bums dipped in chocolate

The egg bread bakin in oven

My braided egg breads fresh out of ovens!!

Had to bring one home for supper tonight.  HAD so because when hubby finds out we have no eggs in our fridge he will at least beable to have some in the EGG BREAD!! LOL!! this recipe takes 2 1/2 dozen eggs so I used our eggs for it.
Well it is only in the 20s outside and snowing!! YEAH!! love it!!  I am now off to my studio to create art!! I got in some of the new TIM HOLTZ stamps and cannot wait to make something with them!!  Oh I dream about his creations too!~~not just bakin!~ no wonder why I wake up early and excited to create something!!  LOL
  I hope yall have a blessed night and I will be back soon!!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had yourself one heck of a day. Lovin the pincushion. I need to dig out my craft's been waayyyy too long!