Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whats up wed?

HEY YALL!!  We are midway now til the weekend! WOO HOO! so what's up on this fine wed?    I have to say baking this week I havent done any of my scrappin!! and now I am really behind at scrap-friendzy, goodness 4 days worth of pages/cards now!!  I gotta get my schedule tuned in better!  LOL  It was nice to bake all day yesterday though, I did some shortbread hearts, they have to be decorated yet, maybe a dip in 1/2 milk choc and the other 1/2 white and top with a few pretty sprinkles.

This shortbread recipe was posted in dec and it is just my absolute favo to do!! SO yummy, I have to make 2 huge batches one for markets and one for hubby!! he takes  a little bag of em to work and snacks all day, those and my soft n chewy peanut butter are his favos!! 

I dug thru one of my grandma Rose's old country farmhouse cookbooks, it was from 1960 and had some wonderful sounding recipes so my quest is to do a couple each week.  This week so far I made the quick olive bread.  I will share this recipe with ya it really is yummy and who doesnt love quick breads.  It has sauteed onions in it, I used red and candy sweet grown locally and also chopped kalamato black olives.  The texture is a bit cource and a little dry so I am thinkin maybe bump up the sour cream that is in it?  Will try it again and then post the revised recipe.

AHHHHHHHHH my favo cake, this is my cream cheese filled crumb cakes.  This is a fabo recipe and has been made lots and lots here.   I add fresh fruit to it too and blueberries are the best although triple berries are good in this too, red raspberry, blueberry and blackblack berries are yummy!!!   This is similar to the packaged crumb topped cakes but I like to add extra extra cream cheese filling in them.!!   I never met a chocolate or cream cheese I didnt like!!!LOL

Andddddddddd for my furry kids I dipped a box of small milk bones for them to enjoy and of cource added the valentines sprinkles for fun!!  They are so cute I did some up for markets too.  And packaged up they look adorable.  and the boys love em!!

I also made up some flower shaped shortbread then dipped in white choc and of cource topped with those pretty little red white and pink nonpariels.  Love them!!  and they come in so many colors now!!

These actually were made just for the hubbo!  His bday was monday and I made him a cheesecake and these cookies for a treat.  He so deserves alot I dont know where I would be without him.  He is a wonderful man, hubby, my best friend, my boys daddy, and really my true soul mate!! I know gettin a bit sentimental here but I really do love this guy with all my heart!! 
I hope the weather isnt being too rough on yall, we actually are having normal jan weather, cold and snowy and well coooooooooooooooooooooold is it!!  4 degrees tonight is expected, it has been in the teens at night and about 30 during the day.  Snow for this afternoon and tomorrow and fri and sat.
I do have market tomorrow, a meeting tomorrow night, market fri, market sat, dinner with the inlaws maybe sat night and to visit with the grandparents sunday.  WHEWWWW I may have to wait til next week to get back in my studio to scrap and create!!  I so miss it!! maybe I need to get up extra early and work in there,,,,,,,,,,, nay!! this time of year it is too toooooo nice not to have to get up 4-5 am!!  I sleep in til almost 6 these days and so lovin my sleep.  My boys and hubby all snuggled up like little bugs in rugs in our bed is priceless!!  Each of the boys has a pillow and blankie on our big bed but Barney has to be curled up next to his mommy!  LOVE IT!
hope yall have a wonderful wed and be safe out there in the weather!!
{{PS I just have to add this comment!!  DAVE PRICE I so miss you on the early show!!!  cbs changed their early show staff and we are in withdrawl!! the show is NOT the same without HARRY SMITH, DAVE PRICE and MAGGIE RODRIGUES!! WE MISS YOU ALL!!  the news just isnt the same and this house is sad without them to start the day!! ok I am done complaining!! }}

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