Monday, January 10, 2011

Sketch lo 8

According to the forcast we are gonna get a few inches maybe on wed but not much before then.  That's ok though as it has been really really cold this am it was only 16 and now it's a whoppin 27 out.   So this am I  worked on number 8 sketch for our sketchathon over at scrap-friendzy.  This really has been fun and challenging to make a lo using someone else's sketch.  I love a challenge!! 

The black and white photos didnt need much other than I matted them with some great black paper with old vintagey handwritting on and a solid black cardstock back.   I love how the flowers turned out, layers of vintagey sheet music paper by THE PAPER STUDIO at Hobby Lobby and then distressed the edges and added a bit of bling with at light pink gem.

a few words cut from another piece of The Paper Studio patterened paper and some more bling to the top.

17 is the title of this page.  This pretty gal is Brandi my stepdaughter, so hard to believe that little freckled face kid is almost graduated from high school!!  GOODNESS where do the years go!!  Hubby cant believe it either.
This by the way is her graduation pic.  I love the splash of pink in her flower and have always been drawn to black and whites. 

I really have to get busy today and get sketch 10 done which was posted this am.  It should be a busy week as I have things to get ready for markets next week and there are 4 next week!!  So can do up my dry ingredients and some mixes to get ahead of the game and the pierogi well they can be in freezer for a week so they really should be done this week.  A new on is on the menu will post about after we try and sample to see if they are sellable!!  LOL.
Thanks for all the wonderful comments and emails about my card from the CR84FN8 color challenge.  I cant wait to do next weeks!! I actually think that will be a good thing for me as I dont usually do color ones so add that to my challenges I am lovin! 
Hope yall have a great monday and I will talk more later!!
Oh and I posted on fb but wasnt sure if I did here yet but it sure was a sad day we lost our oldest rooster the other night!! RED FRED!! he actually had been in several customers pics as since he was such a sweet thing people would ask to have their pic taken holding him!  I did baby him a bit as he was up in age and the younger roosters picked on him so I would bring him over whereever I was working outside and he would talk to me in his rooster jibber (yes I got to know it and could chit chat back to him) LOL, and just stay near me and when I called him he came running like a dog would!!  Oh my dear sweet Red Fred rest in peace my friend!!!

Here's my pretty boy, he was an auracana rooster and when the sun would shine down on him his neck and back feathers loooked like they had gold in them and his beautiful dark green tail feathers just glistened, and thank goodness back in the day was quite busy as we have several offspring of his!   He was 13-14? years old and that is really old for a rooster!!  He actually is kind of famous a dear customer came here one day and took pics of him for a childrens book she was writing and wanted to include Red Fred in it!!  Gotta find that book now!!


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He was a beauty!!!