Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sketch 11 and a sneak peek!

Jan 11.  First and foremost I want to wish my great FATHER IN LAW A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!  goodness how many people have the date  1/11/11??   Happy Bday Pops!! LOVE YA!!

And another sketch lo done today for the sketchathon over at scrap-friendzy!!

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD a little sneak peek of a project I am workin on for a swap!! BUT SHHHHHHHHHHH I dont want to give too much away, it is for a handmade valentines swap!!

Lyra is such a little doll dancin around in her new xmas skirt!!  I played into the polka dots on her skirt with the red polka dot pp and the ribbon.

I hope you dance is the title on this lo.  The journaling is the first first of the song and chorus.  I love that song by Leann Wolmak. 

A bit of green bling in the gems and on the flowers.

another sneak peeksy.....................

close up of the altered chipboard and pp flower.
So that is it for today.  It is snowin and so pretty!! I filled my birdfeeders again!! they are being little pigs but that is ok I love lookin out the kitchen windows and seein them.  They are like chickens so busy all the time.
The girls are out in the pen and not happy at all!! I threw out a bunch of scratch for them to pick thru but ya know they just arent happy unless they are in the dirt scratchin and chasin bugs.  Sorry girls!!  Spring will be upon us before we know it!  I just came in from walkin out to get the mail and oh it is so peaceful and serene I love winter days!!  but only if it is snowin!!****  ****  **** **** **** ** ** *** * * * *
Hope yall have a happy tues I will be back soon with more to share!!


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Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

This is so adorable!