Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

Hope yall have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!   We are goin tomorrow to a memorial service in our little cemetary down the road.  It is so peaceful and serene there with lots of big ol trees and birds singing.  So many people we knew from when we first moved here and recently lost are buried there, I like to ride my bike thru it or one of our tractors and just say hello to everyone gone. 
Well I got a gift from my hubby yesterday, little stinker didnt let on one bit as to what he got me.  And it is very difficult for both of us to keep surprises from each other very long!! LOL  Anyway he finally found another suburban similar to my old one I absolutely loved loved LOVED!!  I remember the day we both spotted ol blue in a car lot and quickly turned around to check her out.  Bought her the next day!  a 1987 chevy, dark blue with silver trim.  Our new one is welllllllllllllll not so new but in excellent shape and no rust, it wasnt a michigan truck that is for sure.  This one is a 91 burgandy with silver trim and already has a lift on it so it is actually a bit taller than mine.  I had a 4 in lift on ol blue and this one has a 6 in.  It needs some work on the motor and transmission but I cant wait to drive it.
So onto the work for the week!!  I was busy busy gettin ready for market yesterday and it was one of our best market days!!  I had a few new recipes I tried out one being  First I made a big double batch of my grandma Rose's babka.  This time I wanted more coffee cakes so brushed on some apricot preserves topped with some chopped dried apricots

Rolled into a log and shaped into a circle

Once they were baked I brushed some heated thinned apricot preserves on their tops and more chopped apricots added  
finished chocolate babka loaf

we interupt this bake sale to bring you pictures of my boys! LOL Bruno with his frog

Buster playin with a bear

and Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo takin a break from playtime. layin on my leg

Chocolate almond babka ready to be rolled and shaped

rolled out and cut into 8 pieces

ready for rising, I will brush melted butter on the tops before they go in oven
So onto the work for the week!!  I was busy busy gettin ready for market yesterday and it was one of our best market days!!  I had a few new recipes I tried out one being  some mocha tarts filled with chocolate ganache'  not too sure this recipe was from better homes and gardens magazine and I really didnt like the batter of the tart shell so ended up givin them to the chickens, will come up with my own I think.   Susan played with some homemade fondant.  she made some little domed butter cakes. 

they are just too stinkin cute! 

A layer of sealing buttercream frosting went on first then the rolled fondant!  Oh the yummy smell of almond paste!! 

Susan used a mini cutter to cut out dots and attach them to the cakes just some fun and whimsical cakes for market.

Oh and here's my Bruno now all tuckered out from playin with the froggy!  LOL

It was easier to pipe the cake batter in the pan than scoopin it out. 

I made a bunch of coconut macaroons and dipped them in chocolate before market.    I also made some of my rustic cheddar herb biscuit loaf, some of my berry berry banana bread, pineapple upside down cakes, my grandma Rose's recipe from long ago, some cinnamon struesel filled babka loaves, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon shortbread cookies, chocolate chip shortbread cookies, peanut butter cookies, cranberry pecan sandwich cookies with lemon cream filling and my peanut butter whoppie pie cookies, chocolate chip brownies, peanut butter cream chocolate chip sandwich cookies.    Oh and some lemon blueberry muffins, butter crumb topped coffee cakes, my loaded carrot cake, cinnamon swirl muffins, and some banana nut bread.  I think that might be all!~~  LOL like I said it was a busy week.  I did also find some new recipes to try out this week in the Joy of Cooking old book, one of my favos!  So will let yall know how they go!!  I am gonna make sure to remember my camera this week!!  LOL
So my boys and I are gonna go outside since the storms are over and sun is coming back outside!
Stay safe and have a great long weekend!!

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