Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy week

Hey yall!!  I dont have much spare time this week but wanted to share what I did yesterday and sunday.   We have our first week back at market thurs and then it being mothers day week I am helping my mom at her flower shop too. 
Here is a card I made to welcome back someone who was on vacation. 
I used MY MINDS EYE super great terrific new papers here!! so lovin this line!

We went to my inlaws for dinner on sunday so I made some little sugar cookies with a sweet pea flower on them. 

And I love love LOVE trifles so made one up with pineapple for hubby!! he loves pineapple!   I used the juice from the canned pineapple in the cake batter and that was so yummo!  A butter cake which was cut up in bite size pieces, layered in my bowl with some vanilla pudding and whipped cream blended together. 

Just layer it all

I topped this with some cut up slices of pineapple, I think toasted coconut and maybe some toasted pecans would be nice with this too, hubby is just not a coconut fan and doesnt like nuts too much either so left them out.   A pina colada trifle would be so gooooooooooood!!!

It looks pretty when layered in a clear bowl. 

And heres a close up of the flowers on the card.
Lost and Found is the line and they are awesome designs.
Hope yall have a wonderful tues I am off to get ready to head to the shop.  I have my camera in my purse so will snap a few pics of the flowers today.

**ALLEGAN MARKET THURSDAY there are a few of us that will be there offering some great goods!!***

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Kerrie said...

Beautiful post!! And I want baby Barnie!!! LOL! He is adorable!