Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wed ramblings

Hey yall!!
WOW it is wed already, Sorry I havent been here much I am trying to get used to being back to full time market schedule and it is really hard!!    gotta get my bakery mojo back!!  LOL not in the groove yet! 
I did spend alot of time at the kitchen this week playin, made chocolate chip orange shortbread cookies, my infamous peanut butter whoopie pies, glazed pistchio bread, glazed lemon shortbread cookies, peanut butter cookies, cocoa cinna swirl bread loaves and a few others.
One I did was a new Rustic Italian herb parmesan loaf, it was a recipe I found in one of my favo xmas baking books.  I left the book at the kitchen but will gladly post the title and the recipe for yall for these. I did find though after timsing the recipe x 5 I would add flour, and herbs so will give ya my revised recipe.   Lots of parmesan and romano grated cheese and some dried oregano and sweet basil with just a touch of garlic powder.  It is a no yeast bread so a quick and easy one to make and you just shape em in round loaves and slice the tops.
Another new one I did was my cheese filled crumb cakes with orange marmalade added!! yummo! did these in muffin tins too for an individual cake.  
I will try to remember, well will put my cam in my purse right now so it goes with to market with me and I can take pics of the new items.  
If yall can I would deeply appreciate a special little prayer for my Buster Brown, he is having that lump on his thigh removed on monday.   I am worried bout it but have faith in our new vet and also faith that he will be ok!  I need my market boy around more.  Hopefully it is just a fatty tumor, labs are prone to them and he is lab mix.  THANKS for that it means so much to us! and he does too!
I am off to get ready for bed, market tomorrow so it is an early day!!
Have a blessed evening!!
GO SCOTTY!! our american idol!!! 

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Roxie said...

I don't know...I may have to take issue with your choice for American Idol...I like Scotty a LOT and think he will have a promising career in country music, but, I think that Haley just may be the winner. :D