Friday, October 23, 2009

Fed up with rain!!

Ok so it has poured ALL stinkin day today and it is dark and gloomy!! I NEED THE SUNSHINE!!! where the heck is it??
So I made 5 of the pumpkin rolls today and cut one up in slices to sell individually at market tomorrow. It is supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow but hopefully not too bad!!
I also made a pecan brittle that turned out great!! I used some salted toasted pecans and then pumpkin pie spice in it instead of just cinnamon and boy what a flavor!! yummo
Also made up some more frosted punkin sugar cookies and some cutesy bear face/head cookies I will take a pic of them they are way too cute to eat! Mand M for eyes and nose and some fall sprinkles on their ears. I think i will do some of them for the fall shows on a stick for the kiddies. Oh and did a big ol batch of apple butter so the kitchen smelled so good with the apples and cinnamon cooking!! I will have to make some biscuits tonight for supper so I can enjoy some of the butter on them. LOL

Well better go out and do chores it looks like the rain has let up a bit ! YEAH
Have a blessed weekend yall!!

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