Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Hump Day

I thought this looked pretty out along the pasture
These trees are looking mighty fine with their colors this fall

As you can see Mr. Beau (the goat) is stealin my Appy's grain. The chickies always run to snatch up what ap drops LOL they are smart!!

These are cheesecake topped chocolate chip brownies

Seasoned cheddar cracker wafers CRISPY and YUMMY!!

punkin rolls

a close close up of a slice of the cream cheese punkin rolls I made today. THEY ARE SUPER YUMMY TOO!!

Today is our 9th Anniversary!! WOW time sure flies dont it!!

So I baked some new things today including an awesome if i might add, cream cheese filled pumpkin roll!!

I made some of the herbed cheddar wafers as pictured above, they would be awesome on a salad as croutons or even in a bowl of soup! dried chives, season salt and garlic powder are just the right combo for them.

I did do up some cinnamon rolls with a cinnamon vanilla glaze, pistachio bread, and some mini pumpkin cheesecake pastries. They are cooling in fridge right now i will take a pic later cuz they are too cute!! Also I bought a mini bread pan last week at my favo store Hobby Lobby and they turn out way too cute. I am goin to package 3 of them or maybe even 6 in a pretty decorated box for the holiday shows for a nice little gift for someone to give. GEEEEE maybe you might get one huh!! LOL
Tomorrow is Allegan farmers market so hope it doesnt rain too much!!
Have a great evening!!


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