Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday happenings!!

Just a few pics from market a couple of weeks ago

booth pics

Streusel filled pumpkin sour cream bundt cake

Hey yall!!

Well it sure was another beautiful day here in sw mi!! Sun shinin and actually just t shirt and sweatshirt weather again!! YEAH!! YIPPEE! BUT the forcast is not lookin so good the rest of the week past tomorrow!! rain rain rain and yepper you guessed it more rain!!

I did work on some more mixes to take to market, this time I did up more of my pumpkin spice dip mix which by the way is super yummo!! just add a 15 oz can of pumpkin pie filling and a pkg of cream cheese and what a treat!! It is great with fresh apple slices, on a cracker, a graham cracker and even better on a toasted bagel!! Tomorrow I have to have the following done for market and for at the flower shop since I am starting to advertise next week there!!
Lemon buttermilk cakes, choc chip cookies, pumpkin cream cheese roll, streusel topped pumpkin muffins, a couple of coffee cakes, a decorated white cake with some butter cream frosting maybe? and am kind of thinkin of makin some carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting. So that is about it for now.
I did ask to be in the indoor Bronson Market at Bronson Hospital thru the winter. It will be in the cafeteria at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo MI every other friday from December 11 thru april. Sounds like a nice winter market. Will let yall know more as I find out more. But for right now I still have Allegan Market on thursdays and South Haven Market on Sats!! for a couple more weeks!! they both run thru the end of october!
Have a blessed evening! oh we did go get another dig cam and were able to get the same exact one we had before. I gave up all hope of finding mine!! and I feel sick over it I loved that camera! but at least I dont have to learn another one and another program for downloading pics and so on so I am one relieved chickiepoo not to have to go thru all that trouble!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I'm glad you got a new camera and that it's the same type! Now, of course, that other camera will show up soon...ha ha ha...

I Play Outside The Box said...

Unfair...I'm hungry now. Would love to have the recipe for that streusel filled pumpkin sour cream bundt cake. MMM....that looks good!