Monday, October 19, 2009


Oh what a BEAUTIFUL fall day outside!! I got out of work around 10.30 this am and am loving this monday!!! GORGEOUS DAY !! The sun is shining and IF I COULD SEND YOU ALL A BIT OF IT I WOULD!! and IF i could post pics of these absolutely stunnin leaves i would do that too!! BUT still havent found my dig camera and am sooooooooooooo bummed out!! I am afraid we are gonna have to get a new one and that one I LOVED we bought it in jan this year and it took great pics!! OH well my crazy busy life has really affected my mind lately I guess!!

SO no pics again today!! I did make some darling pumpkin sugar cookies and put them on a stick then decorated with some frostings and CUTE CUTE CUTE! so did up some little ghostys on sticks that had white frosting sprinkled with some purple sanding sugar and then I used 2 small chocolate sprinkles for they eyes!! also did up some dark purple bats with green sprinkle eyes!! too cute i must say!!
The sourcream pumpkin streusel coffee cakes were a big hit at the markets and they pumpkin spice shortbread cookies went fast!! I need to come up with a different shortbread for the winter holiday season thought about a minty shortbread using andes mint candies crushed in the batter, dip in chocolate and top with some crushed mint candies for a nice look. Then package them in some chinese take out boxes decorated with snowflake paper!! Oh yepper time to get to thinkin about xmas!!

Also this week I had made some of my Grandma Roses' pumpkin spice bread, some chai butter cookies, cardamom mini coffee cakes, banana pineapple cakes ( these were adorable!! I made them in my mini bundt pan then topped them with some browned butter frosting and some fall sprinkles) and yepper that combo of naners and pineapple is really yummy!! Made some chocolate cappacino mix and packaged them in clear bags with a cute tag and some gingham papers complete with a gift tag.
ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I was able yesterday after working to come home and work on some primitive fabric snowmen snowcones!! Gosh not ready at ALL for any outside SNOW!! even though it has sure been cold enough!! NOT READY I TELL YA!!! LOL
Well have a blessed monday and cross your fingers that I might find my digi cam today while tidying up a bit inside!!


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hon, where were you when you LAST had the camera? Can you remember? Start from may help...oh, I think they get legs and run off, I have found mine in the craziest of places, once in a potted plant, guess I just stuck it in there. Was probably wrasslin' a dog or something.

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