Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cranberry Lemon Sandwich COOKIES

Today was a great day for cookie recipe experimentation at the kitchen. I used some locally grown dried cranberries and altered an already great "taste of home" recipe to come up with some cranberry sandwich cookies!! A great combo of tart lemon and sweet cranberries!! WOW I do think they might just be a new favo of mine! I did list them in my etsy shop

Also after taking my wonderful mom out to breakfast this am I worked on a paper bag album order. A cat book for 2 special kitties!! Max and Maddie.
OK well CANT download any pics as something is happening with blogger so I will try to add them later or tomorrow.
Hope yall have a great evening!
Biggest loser tonight at 8.30 pm!!
Sad not to see SHAY or DANIEL tonight though but they are looking great !!! GOOD GOIN GUYS!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those cookies sound so unique and GOOD!

I have to comment on Barney's baby picture to the right. He is just adorable. Not to slight the other 2 boys, but Barney is just exceptionally cute.

craftychick said...

LOL Penniwig!! I love all my boys but yepper that little guy is just a doll baby!! And that pic is my favorite!