Sunday, November 1, 2009

yepper that is right Barney is meeting up with a little gal Callie today~ He met her a few months ago in hopes that they would hit it off and we can let him daddy some pups well the time is NOW! So my little boy will have to get spiffed up today for his big date!! LOL I posted a couple of my favo pics of him. The one is when we had just brought him home oh i LOVE that pic!!~ the other one I could just hear him saying "what you talkin bout mommy?"

AND THIS PIC IS A FAVO OF MINE OF BUSTER a couple of years ago!! HE looks so mad!! His little eyebrows are even wrinkled up!! He really didnt like the hair I put on his hat at all!! LOL

>>>>>>>>> these cookies are nekked!~! above you can see how I "did the farmgirl bling" to them!! They are absolutley a wonderful cookie too! I found a recipe for them and decided it would be fun to use some of my powdered chai tea mix for flavor. WOW! they are good and the buttercream filling actually has a bit of it in also! very mild but yet full flavored.

I love these little mini struesel filled pumpkin cakes!! they are so moist and flavorful!!

so I did go to market yesterday am but after 2 1/2 hours of nothing but picking things up from the strong winds we had I decided to pack things up and wait for the pick up customers to come and then leave. It was horrible both of my big wood weighted down display racks blew over and then after picking all that up and putting them back in trailer the gusts were so strong it was just like throwing things around. Enough is enough!! A couple of my gift mugs got broken and then a container of cookies blew off table and of cource didnt survive the crash. Darn the boys were able to eat some pieces of those though. So last market day was sad!!
BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>> I am baking today to fill the shop tomorrow with goodies!! Dont forget all you close by folks FLORAL TOUCH FLORIST just west of Fennville will have all my baked goods for you!! I am planning on having more of the mini pumpkin cakes above and also a couple of large full ones, some cookies, muffins, a couple of cakes, candies, and lots of chocolate treats!! Plus this week i will put out samples so come on in and enjoy!!! We are off M-89 the main road to fennville, just 2 miles east of Blue Star Highway. 269-543-4815
Special Orders welcome!!
If you dont already know I do use as much locally made/grown produce in my baked goods, in fact I froze a ton of zucchini, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, peaches and everything else I could to use this winter. My silly dilly beans and all my jalapeno jellies are there and I made some fresh Spiced apple butter last week.
Stop on by!!
I better get my little boy all ready for his date now and hopefully he is returning home a changed guy!! LOL
Have a great day yall!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh, those winds were horrible! Sorry to hear they were so destructive!

But have to say that Mr. BWB, aka Barney, is just the cutest boy...I recall that last time those girls were mighty pushy and he was just the little one of the bunch and doesn't like those pushy gals...hope they will be more ladylike this time so he can finish his gentlemanly business without their antics!!!