Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some baking pics for ya

WEll guess what!! I FOUND my dig camera!! Cant believe it was under some papers on the butcher block table in kitchen!! AND I searched everywhere and I mean everywhere. WEll apparently NOT!! LOL so here are pics that i took that day at the kitchen.

~~LIVE LIFE These were just really cute little candy corn shaped sugar cookies. JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~These are pumpkin bread with raisins
and they were really flavorful!~! LOVE punkin recipes!! too yummy
I did add some orange zest in with the pumpkin and it sure was a nice addition to the bread.
So today I am heading over to the kitchen to make up some mixes and do some chocolate pretzels for my show this weekend at West Shore Mall in Holland MI OH if you come you will not leave hungry i plan on having lots of samples out!
Samples will include my pumpkin spice dip, taffy apple dip, pistachio bread, fudge and maybe a bar cookie sample too. Will see what all i can get accomplished today with what i have at kitchen. Oh and definetly will have my pumpkin cake rolls for sale and a chocolate cake roll too!! COME ON OVER!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I knew it would show up! It always happens that way, the ONE place you don't look is where it turns out to be. Now why is that?!

Lots of tasty baking going on I see!