Friday, June 25, 2010


Gosh it is a hot friday out there!!  We have yet MORE thunderstorms comin in tonight again!! URRGGGG gettin sick of all this rain,but it is better than the drought we had a few springs ago.  Today Elijah came in and we made some ooey gooey chocolatey rich and yummy brownies, some shortbread cookies, some orange chocolate chip cookies, lemon glazed tea cakes, lemon muffins with a butter crumb topping, some rustic herbed cheddar bread in round pans, more of my loaded carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting, some banana bread with and without nuts and some babka cakes.   I think that was about it.  Oh and some great cucumber salsa.  Which is good on pork, with chips or even on a brat or hotdog.   
I sure can tell my boys are missing their mommy being home so much as they go nuts when I walk in the door and play and run around.  LOL I sure miss them, wish I had a kitchen right on the property here so I wouldnt have to leave so much.    One day maybe!!    Well bettter get out and do some work in the gardens the weeds are takin over!!  
Hope yall have a super weekend!!  Talk to ya soon!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Muffins, cookies, egg bread and a cactus

I made some apple cinnamon muffins with a farmhouse buttercrumb topping today along with some chocolate chip cookies, which are super soft-n-chewy, some more peanut butter whoopie pies and some of my cranberry pecan cookies.This is the butter crumb topping.  Just butter, flour, organic oats, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter.  Great topping for my apple cinnamon mufins loaded with chopped apples.
Strawberry banana muffins, they smell absolutley yummo!!And an order for my braided egg bread. This is right before they went in the oven.  It was in the high 80s again and pretty humid today which is nice for yeast breads as they rise quicker and also are lighter.   I did up 3 batches of babka bread which I have an order for cinnamon raisin bread and babka is just perfect for that.
And here is one of my mom's bloomin cactus plants.  GORGEOUS!! She took clippings on these cactus plants a few weeks ago and put them in pots in the greenhouse, well they love all that humidity and heat in there as one is blooming now.  I wonder if they are all gonna be yellow.  She has like 10 of them in pots, and the herbs my brother grows are HUGE~ they are lovin this weather and growin like mad!!  I have alread clipped from the sweet basil, thyme and also oregano and cilantro and they are just doin great! 
I had a helper today at the kitchen!! ELIJAH thank you so much!! he did great and hopefully will be back tomorrow and friday so I can get everything done!! LOL hopefully!   There just arent enough hours in the day for me to get all I would like to done but I am tring really hard to be more efficient and to get more accomplished.
I did find a recipe for strawberry basil jam in an herb book my mom had so wanna make some of that too.  Sounds yummy!!  And lavander strawberry jam sounds heavenly!!  I have about 10 gallon bags of sliced strawberrries in the freezer now to make jams with so that will be in a couple of weeks. 
Once the produce starts comin in it is a race to use it up!! I do freeze alot and an alot to make the most of it, then I have lots of produce to use up for winter market and also in the late fall. Comes in handy!!
Hope yall have a great night!!  I am off to do chores and figure out what we can have for supper.  Actually not in the mood for breakfast tonight.  Although  strawberry crepes or pancakes  kind of sounds good!!Talk to ya soon again!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Relaxing monday

Here are so pics from FSAM on sunday in Grand Rapids.  I think everyone's looked great!~
This gorgeous butterfly landed on the gals table next to me and it actually sat there for quite awhile.  Must have been takin a break in it's busy day.    It was just gorgeous against all the colors in the table cover. 
Ok well relaxing...................... NOT!!  LOL I did have some errands to run today took my mom and brother to stores to buy ingredients for the week.  3 markets last week was alot for me!!  I am tired!! really tired.    Yesterday's FSAM wasnt too bad, it was in the upper 80s and not too much traffic coming thru but we still had quite a few sales.  Pickeled asparagus was my most popular item then my blueberry jalapeno jelly.    This am I finally got to get all the laundry put away that was in baskets and stacked ontop of the dryer for wayyyyyyyyy too long, did dishes from supper last night, had to print off some labels for this weeks goodies, cleaned the fridge a bit and then tried to organize some of my little signs I take to markets.    Well it is time to make supper hubby is gettin hungry and let me tell ya lately he is such a dear sweet guy he has setteled for 2 over easy eggs and toast or an english muffin!! last night however we did have a nice steak dinner we shared with the boys and had a very nice quiet evening together.  Nothin better than be with my hubby and my boys at night!! or anytime of day actually.    I sure missed them yesterday being so dang far away...................well an hour but still I felt so far away, like hours not just 55 minutes LOL miss them every minute of the day when we are not all together. 

I also hope all the men out there had a very special FATHERS DAY yesterday sorrt it is late but I just didnt have the energy to get on puter last night, the bed was wayyyyyyyy to nice at 9pm.

Have a blessed evening!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Allegan Market tomorrow

Well we got alot of goodies made for market tomorrow!! 
Some peach streusel filled coffee cakes, pistachio bread, banana bread, espresso cream filled espresso cookies, peanut butter filled peanut butter whoopie pies, cranberrry lemon pecan sandwich cookies, chocolate chip cookies, tater n cheeses filled pierogi, asparagus and cheese filled ravioli, loaded carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting to name some of them.
I also made a big big batch of my babka and ended up rolling it up in a big roll and baked it like a huge cinnamon roll.  It is filled with a cinnamon cardamom struesel and smelled just heavenly in the oven.  I had an order for cardamom bread so made some of them and they look great!~  
Hot pepper jelly and mild hot pepper jelly done, pickeled asparagus and some sweet onion relish.    I have to still make my strawberry rhubarb jelly and also strawberry apricot jelly so a bit more to do before the weekend.  I am off to get things loaded in my trailer for market.

Have a blessed evening!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot pepper jelly

Well I just got back home from the kitchen and am taking a bit of a break before goin outside to plant some things.   My mom went with me this am and we made a couple of batches of our hot pepper jelly, and hot hot pepper jelly!!  I forgot to take my camera with so no pics right now for ya!! SORRY!!  We also made up 12 dozen tater-n-cheese stuffed pierogi for market and orders for this week.   This time I did saute the onions first in butter and added a bit of seasonings and used yukon gold and reg ol baking taters, which is a nice combo.  Sharp cheddar, mozzarella, parmesean and some fresh guyere cheeses are all awesome together!!  I will note we decided to only take the pasta machine up to number 4 as they were just too thin on 5 and way too thick on 3 maybe it depends on the humidity in the air with this particular dough but it was vey thin today.   I also make mixes up for the week for some muffins and carrot cakes and some coffee cakes.  WHEW too I am a bit on the tired side and really would like to go in the 5th wheel with my boys and take a nap!!  Actually NO naps round here this week it is gonna be a busy one as I start my sunday market this week.  Everyother sunday that is but still 3 markets this week.  FSAM fulton street arrist market and I will be bringing some baked goods and a few of my altered signs too.  I cant wait they started today!!  
It is a bit on the chilly side out, I had a tshirt and one of hubbys flannel shirts on too and was comfy.   Thank goodness we didnt get the storms last nigth that were predited it sounded bad!!  The sun is 1/2 out and 1/2 behind some clouds so not too hot at least!  The boys are all on the couch with mommy! LOVE our nice big ol couch for them to be up on here next to me!!  I dont spend enough time cuddling with my boys lately so need to change that !~!~ and soon~~!   I so wish I could take them everrywhere with me~~
Market yestetrday was awesome!! Thanks everyone that came out with the weather being so crummy it was a busy day!!   Hot at 4 in the am then some rain early  then the fog came in quick and brought really cool air and a breeze then sunny and hot and humid in afternooon!!  We sold out of pierogi by 9am and also ravioli were gone just as quick.  I am still making asparagus cheese and froze about 30 pounds plus pureed for ravioli this summer and winter.  Next i am gonna try  spinach and cheese.  I bought some awesome lookin spinach from my friends at VISSER FARM so will start using that up~~  Ok well hubbyo just came in and announced he wants to get to the store soon so I better get my butt ready! NO nap right now, maybe on the way to the store!! LOL
See u tomorrow!~
with pics too! LOL


Monday, June 7, 2010


Well today shall be a full day at the kitchen!!
We picked about 30 pounds of asparagus to pickel and then I have to do a batch of hot pepper jelly for an order and some streusel topped strawberry rhubarb muffins for my farming friend  Julie Cowie of Improvisation Farmer!! check out her stuff.  I have to say she gave me a bag of some of her mixed lettuce sat and oh my goodness that was yummy!! we had it with supper and some ceaser dressing!! YUMMY! you can pick some up on saturdays at SOUTH HAVEN FARMERS MARKET!! check her out at

So it will be quite a busy monday.
I hope yall have a blessed day and I will share photos and a recipe tomorrow!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


These are my lemon lavander triangles.  They have our organic lavander buds in them and the sugar I used in making them has been infused for several weeks with fresh lavander sprigs.  Smells so nice!  I could maybe sell them for "stress management" relaxation cookies!! LOL they really do smell good, lavander is one my alltime favo scents.  I made some homemade dryer sheets that were infused with lavander essential oils and love to use them on our bedding.  Heavenly!
Friday was quiche making day in the am.  Susan and I used some awesome ingredients and went at it! 

She did a bit of decoration on the edge of the crusts that looked like roping.
Steamed fresh asparagus 3 pound of it.
Here's a few of the asparagus n cheeses waiting for the egg mixture which was 8 cups of milk, 80 eggs and lots of cheeses.Oh they turned out yummy!!  We did a few with ham and some veggie ones which I cant wait to try some fresh broccoli and maybe tomatoes.  They were quickly frozen and taken to market yesterday.  In by the way my little chest freezer that will be accompaning me to my markets now.  Ravioli, pierogi and the quiche stayed perfect in freezer.    Next week I am plannin on takin some frozen pies too.
and I am making my pickeled asparagus and strawberry rhubarb jam since the berries are lookin rather yummy!!  Boy we had massive downpours yesterday evening into the early am today it is flooded everywhere again.  Lots of rain to make everything grow.  Just too bad we cant order some for in july and aug when we will be cryin for a bit of rain!
My mom and brother came and helped me at market yesterday and it was so much fun!! THANKS MOM AND JOEY!! love havin my family meet my super wonderful customers that come out to markets!  And Joey sold lots of his herbs too!!yeah!!!  If I didnt mention before my brother has a little herb bus and has been attending allegan market for a few years now.  This spring there were a few changes with him and we moved his greenhouse over to here and my mom and I helped him plant lots of herbs and some veggie plants too for markets.  So I was able to bring a few to my market for him.  My brother is a special kid, he is mentally handicapped and we do alot with him.  Poor guy fell a few months ago and broke his arm so it has been along spring  for him.  But hopefully his last splint will be comin off this week.  He has done exceptionally well and tolerated it very good!! LOVE YA JOEY!!  He was excited and laughing as the customers came and bought his herbs.  He knew what was goin on. 
Well hubby and I are gonna do a bit of shopping this am and I am hoping to maybe get a few more things planted in the garden today.  Then it is back to the kitchen to work tomorrow!!  I have an order for some strawberry rhubarb muffins and also my babka coffee cakes for this week.
Hope yall have a blessed sunday!

Friday, June 4, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS! I have a NEW FAVO!!  BABKA FILLED COFFEE CAKE!! First of all let me tell yall if you have never made or eaten Babka!! TRY IT!! DO IT! you will love this bread/cake.  IT is a very nice recipe to work with and I will post a recipe for you this weekend.   It has a light texture and perfect taste!!  I made a cinnamon butter streusel to put inside and shaped the dough into a round wreath for something different.  Taking a dough scraper blade cut 1/2 way into the dough around the circle and lightly open to fan them outward a bit to shape the edges.  I didnt want these cakes too thick and they turned out just perfect!  Before baking I brushed the tops with a bit of melted butter then lightly sprinkled a bit of cinnamon and a few crumbs of the streusel. 
After baking they needed a bit of my "farmgirl bling" so I made some vanilla glaze to drizzle ontop.  OH if I could just send yall a taste you would be hooked I promise!  YUMMYNESS for sure.  Next week I am gonnna try them with a bit of a cream cheese filling or maybe even homemade almond paste filling! cant wait!!  LOL
These were my grandmothers old southern peach cobblers that are do delish!  I love making these and they are one of my best sellers at market.  Oh by the way I will be starting to sell at the FULTON STREET ARTISAN MARKET everyother sunday starting in 2 weeks!! June 20th will be my first day! I will have some favorites and new ones to offer there!!  Hope to see u there!! mention you seen my blog and I will have a treat for yall!! 
Banana nut bread available with and without nuts.These are my Grandma Rose's rhubarb cakes!  Found this recipe diggin thru one of her old recipe books and she marked good next to it so figured it was a must try!  they turned out yummy.  A bit of brown sugar sprinkled on top for a bit of sweetness, a nice contrast to the tart rhubarb.
Well let me share with you what today will bring!!  QUICHE!!  Yepper today will be asparagus, ham and cheese quiche!!  I am gonna bake them and take them frozen to market tomorrow!!  Will take pics of them and the progress today at the kitchen!!    So with that said it is time to get my butt off puter and get to the kitchen to work!!  YEAH!! YIPPEE let the quiche fun begin!!  C U this weekend!
Have a blessed day!