Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy monday!!

here is a pic of one of my velvet queen sunflowers last summer!! I have these seeds available for purchase too and they range from light bronze to dark burgandy colors great to add to cut flower arrangements or in a mason jar.
Well greenhouse is finally done!! and it is full of seeded trays!! so now come on little seeds sprout!! LOL, we have just over $120.00 into it as the plastic sheeting is very expensive, the temps outside are only in the high 40s and rainy but what a difference inside! toast warm i must say!! Cant wait to have all these plants to plant and sell.
I made 12 dozen donuts on sat and had to make more on sunday so we are gettin the word out cant wait to start on cookies and quick breads/muffins!! I want to try some unusual combinations with our herbs for the breads to take to market this summer~~ I just have a love thanks to my grandparents and mom for gardening, farming and baking and now i can finally incorporate them together!! YEAH~~
Have a peaceful night!!

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