Saturday, April 26, 2008


Ok i got some extra seeds in and thought i would sell some.
Teddy bear sunflowers (like the ones pictured on here)100 plus seeds in pkg $.99 plus shipping, autumn blend sunflowers (rusts, burgandy dark gold colored) 100 plus seeds in pkg $.99 plus shipping
Lemon Queen (large yellow with dark blackish brown center) 100 plus seeds in pkg $.99 plus shipping
Cosmos bright lights, and sensation mix $1.39 1/8 oz pkg plus shipping
Painted daisy mix, purple coneflower (echinachea), shasta daisy, black eyed susan, and holly hock mix approx 1/8 oz pkg $1.39 plus shipping.
All can be shipped in reg envelope for first class rate. Just email me and let me know what yall would like we will have more and veggies as soon as i get more planted and see what extras there are.
Have a super night!!
It is a whopping cold 40 degrees tonight and it feels like colder!! BRRRRRRRRRRR

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