Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sproutin Seeds!!

Here's pics of what is started in my little greenhouse! Gosh it was only 43 degrees out and windy so it was nice to go in greenhouse which was alot warmer!! I need to put a thermometer out there to see just what the difference is. Ok so far we are on schedule maybe just a bit behind as the weather is just too stinkin cold to do too much outside this week, i am hoping and hoping and praying that it doesnt get too cold tonight they are predicting 26 degrees and that might do in the buds on the fruit trees!! Gosh cross your fingers and say a little prayer for all the farms.

NOW for an cheap and super easy and fast row cover idea!! Just in case you want to have a row cover crop for early spring and late fall we made this one to start and the lettuce is sprouting underneath!! Some are very expensive and with money being so tight right now i came up with this idea. Just took some left over sheeting from the greenhouse and wrapped it around some wire fencing that i rolled to make a 1/2 circle if you will and made some hooks out of my hubby's metal hangers from his uniforms to hold it in ground. I actually was out of duct tape!! OMGoodness!! couldnt believe we have none around so used some of my clamps to hold ends on and voila!! works like a charm!! and INEXPENSIVE~~ so here ya go make some row covers for your plants or seedlings!!
Have a good night!!

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