Friday, April 25, 2008

My greenhouse

OH i am so excited hubby and i have been building a little greenhouse to start out gardens. We opted not to do a traditional looking rounded one but a built one that will fit in with our farm, old lookin style. This is a 10x10 one to start out with hubby is goin to build door tonight after work and then we can make shelves for the flats to lay on. I cannot wait to put all my already started plants in and to work in there puttin in more seeds which i have to go pick up at the mill today. It is goin to be near 80 degrees today which is really not normal for this time in year in mi but i will take it!! LOL~!~ Well for some reason i cannot get the screen to come up to upload a pic so will try that later tonight.
This is such a glorious time of year the lilacs are begining to show colors on the tips and the trees are close to opening. AND we should be pickin asparagus in the next 10? days or so it is gettin big!! YEAH love that first cuttin, we grill it and it is sooooooooooo yummy!!
Here is my recipe for grilling it

I like to soak a pound or so in a long tupperware type container in an italian dressing overnight. We bought this super pan a couple of years ago that resembles a wok, it is big and shallow and round with all holes in bottom. So the asparagus spears lay in it perfectly, then just put grill on med for 20 min. watch close not to burn we flip the spears often when done i lay them on a pretty platter and sprinkle with parmesan cheese and ENJOY!! This year we want to make pickeled asparagus to sell at market too.
Some other uses we like, pickeled asparagus is wonderful to put on a hot dog, or burger, to add to salads cut up, add to an omelet or just as an appetizer wrapped with a thin slice of smoked ham. OH i am gettin hungry!!
Have a blessed day.

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