Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Time to make the donuts"

OK well WE DID IT~~ We got donuts!!! We made 12 dozen apple cider donuts yesterday then while hot dipped in a apple cider glaze I made. OH YUMMY!! they are so good i could eat a dozen!!LOL They will be out in the farmstand for sale and as time goes i plan on taking them to the farmers market with me.
During the week i started making my recycled old rake chimes again and that was fun. I love to hear them in the wind. The chimes are old silverware i find at local thrift stores and flea markets so some are nice and rusted and some just have that nice worn patina to them then add some beads i find and done hang outside. I am not sure if you can make out the pic i will try a different spot to hand one. WOW our furnace hicked on this am it is cold but at least no frost!! only going to get to maybe 70 today but that still is fine by me.

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