Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I live with my wonderful hubby on our small hobby farm in sw michigan and love it!! We live across from lake mi. and never never get tired of the beauty in sunsets over the blue water. We have 50 some hens, a couple of old roosters one "Red Fred" who used to be in his younger dominating life very mean and nasty. After several times being shooed away and pushed with a pitch fork and several bruises and cuts to my mom and I both he has turned into more of a dear feathered friend. He comes running when we call his name and talks to us and loves to be picked up. CRAZY never had a rooster this tame and docile. My hubby and i both grew up on farms and love to garden and raise our animals. Oh we also have in our flock, 5 turkeys, several several guinnea hens, 5 ducks, 4 geese and one peacock. Then we have 2 goats and my special Appy my blind horse, who is a leapord appaloossa, we have 3 dogs, our kids!! Buster, Bubba and Barney who is just a young un at 3 months old, and 5 cats that have come to us to live. On our little farm we grow produce and some fruits mostly veggies though to take to the local farmers market and we put up a building on our property for a self serve farmstand complete with fresh eggs from our "girls". I recently aquired my state food license to be able to make some baked goods and want to can some our own jams and jellies. Busy life we have but wouldn't have it any other way.
IT IS 69 degrees today and this is the warmest since last year so i am off to start some seeds in my small greenhouse!! Will post some pics of our flock and of cource Red Fred!!
Have a delightful day!!

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