Sunday, April 24, 2011


Wishing you and your families a very very BLESSED EASTER SUNDAY!
Well we had quite a day yesterday, kind of an ambush!! I went outside to take my chickens some bread and for some reason no one was around, I didnt hear or see anyone.   I walked in the pen and found feathers everywhere!!  in the back big pen there I found the remains of 7 of my poor sweet chickens!! 4 roosters and 3 hens all dead!!  The only culprit that kills and leaves em is a weasel!!  they are just relentless little creeps!! 2 were missing their heads so that is a sure fire clue to this killing.  And one of the roosters was my little Charlie!! he followed me around the farm and has his little heirem of girls with him all the time!!  DANG vermin out there!!~ So we closed everyone in the coop and they will have to stay inside for a couple of days now since this dang killer will surely keep coming back.  That is so disheartening to find. 
Saturday was our towns prom so thru and fri I helped my mom at her shop make coursages and bouts.  I have to say we had the NICEST bunch of kids this year!! so friendly and happy and polite too!!

Here are some pics of some of the corsages we made.   This year I came up with an idea for them, we had girls say they want something really small and tiny so made some bracelet type ones. 

This is a pretty alstromeria and daisy long corsage.

A bracelet one made of pink tea roses

This is the bout and matching corsage with purple accents.

I really liked this one she wanted small and bracelet kind with purple and black tipped baby breath and a bit of black ribbon.

Love the all white ones.  Tea roses, baby's breath, white caspia and some ferns wtih white ribbon tails hanging down. 

One wanted red roses tipped with silver so here they are prettier than I was thinking it would turn out but the white alstromeria really blends well since it has red specks in the petals. 

My batteries died after this and I forgot to put a couple more in my camera case so that was all I could take.   We have some planting to get done today and work in the greenhouse and also in the chicken coop.  The sun is out and they changed the forcast to just a small percent chance of rain!! yeah!! since we have rain pretty much everday this week predicted.  Almost asparagus pickin time!! oh cant wait!! I have to pickled alot more since we were out very early in the season last year.  We do plain pickeled and cluckin hot -n-spicy ones too.  
so off to work!!  hope yall have a wonderful day!!
Talk more tomorrow!!


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