Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Tues

Wow the weeks go by so dang fast and we have had such a beautiful absolutely glorious summer so far it is gonna be sad to see ol man winter knockin on our doors!! The last few days my mom and I have made lots of goods.
We did up more of our silly dilly beans and I came up with what I am calling "CLUCKIN SPICY SILLY DILLY BEANS" which just means they are jacked up with some great spices. Mustard seeds, red pepper flakes, fresh garlic and also some chili powder!! Cluckin good!! LOL
and we made some more mild hot pepper jelly, some carmel apple jam and today I want to try to sneak over to the kitchen to make some banana nut bread jam!~sounds sinful dont it???
Maybe make a few more pancake mixes up and cookies. My brother has to have some surgery on his foot so we are plannin on leavin around noon so that doesnt leave me alot of bakin time today oh well can go when we get home too i supposse.
Well all the girls are doin good keepin up with egg production and we added 24 of the babies to the "flock" they are big enough to be mixed in now, i just feel so bad for them as the girls ahve their peckin order and usually the babies all get pecked at the first few days, I try to watch them closely though and hollar at the olders ones. I know i wont stop it but i dont like the babies being picked on. This set of little ones is so sweet too. We have some isla browns, rhode island reds, white plymouths and not too sure what the mixed ones, our hatched eggs are but they are just little honeys!!
It is looking more and more like rain so hopefully it doesnt blow over us like the last few days has, we need rain!!

Better get my butt off to get some things done so with that I say have a blessed day and will chat more soon!!!


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