Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tues happenings

Here is a close up pic of a chicken windmill hubby bought me and my moms old wood barrel that i put an old canner on top of and filled with some orange sunkist tomato plants.

a pic in front of the farmstand

This cute little guy was just chillin on an old fire truck part by our deck. Love his colors!!

Hey yall!!
What's crowin by you??? or cacklin?

I took my dear mom out to breakfast yesterday and then we made our rounds to the stores!! stopped a quite a few and loaded by poor chevy blazer full!! LOL we sure had fun though, had to replenish ingredients at the bakery so of cource lots of flour, brown sugar, powdered sugar and etc.........and we even managed to NOT get into any trouble!! yeah!! Then while i was getting trying something new for supper she and my brother pulled in and asked if I wanted to go for some ice cream!! WELL YEAH! OF COURCE!! we only get ice cream shops open for a few short months so figure we should patronize them regularly!! RIGHT??? LOL since it was early enough only 4.30 or so I put everything on hold and ran with them, then we decided i needed more jelly jars so went in a local grocery store bought them, then off to a health food store to buy some more dried dill weed for my next batch of my "silly dilly beans" and also got some mustard seeds, whole cloves, pickling spices, dried cilantro and parsley for more dip mixes and organic corn flour and whole wheat flour (to make my boys treats with)

By this time hubby was coming home but i did manage to get some black raspberries and blackberries picked to make ? what else more jalapeno jelly!! LOL how good does "very berry pepper jelly sound???? yummy!! gosh and you are talkin to a jalapeno whimp here!! dont like anything hot~ but this jelly I have been making is so good!! and really only a bit of a bite after the sweet taste! I love to see the reactions of people when they try a sample!! it is so like having 2 totally different tastes in your mouth!! IF anyone would like some you can order right here from my blog!! I have a 4 oz jar for $3.00 and an 8 oz jar for $5.50 plus their travel expenses to you also... I am sure you wont be disappointed everyone so far has loved it!! and we had the cherry on our turkey sandwiches my mom made on sat at market!!

Now I did get some local fresh peaches, yes it is hard to believe it is that time already!! where oh where has the summer gone??? but we sure have had strange but somewhat nice weather here, been really chilly but plesant oh back on peaches gonna try a new recipe i came up with for peach praline muffins, peachy jalapeno spread and then maybe play around in the kitchen today with some scones!! I havent made them for a few weeks and I want to try something out...... will keep ya updated on the new flavor combos i am workin on!! OH so much clucking fun!!


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