Thursday, July 23, 2009

Farmgirl's BLING

Here's my little HAM! MS ROSIE MAY~!~
an order for tomorrow am of a dozen muffins

Some of my chicken scratch sweet pickle slices oh they are yummy on a sandwich by the way!!

my blueberry blossoms (which are very very popular) and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so yummy!!

MY RECIPE!~ tootin my own horn by the way!! LOL PEACH PRALINE MUFFINS.. my absolute favo muffin now!!
ok so I have decided that I have some BLING!! well my baked goods have BLING!!
You see last night I put a glaze on almost everything we made for market.. from muffins to breads to cakes they all had a bit of a flavored glaze ontop thus..........farmgirl "BLING"
kind of catchy huh??
so market was good today the weather held out and actually warmed up by noon but until then it was chilly!! sweatshirt layer weather!! can u believe that for the end of JULY??? only 63 degrees when i went to leave this am!! BRRRRRRRRRRR.. but better than in the 90s i must admit!!
You know I have 3 Isa Brown "girls" that tend to lollygag at night so bad they are drivin me nuts!! the 3 of them every night act like little kids, one will run up the ramp to go in the coop then dart down and go get a drink or see a spot that there just might be a worm or bug and start scratchin then another one has to come back out and see what the first one was doin, then the 3rd one will take off in a different direction to distract me or something!! I SWEAR ... such shannagaans they play!! and everynight too.... plus hubby found a nest of 18 eggs laying near one of his sheds, well so today they were closed in their big pen and boy i bet they are plottin and schemeing against me so I will be "ON GUARD" while doin chores tonight!! LOL they are just too stinkin funny...
As you can see by the above pic my camera hog is "Miss Rosie May" one of our goats and she is just too darn cute too. and believe me she knows what to do with her horns too!! she sometimes chases me in the pasture and I have been known (by hubby only) to have a bruised tush!!
Anyway I better get my labels printed for my order goin out in the am and then off to do chores and shower and bed for me and the boys!! Have a wonderful night!
PS btw I will be outside doin a rain dance if you wondered... as we havent gotten any and sure need some!!
see ya.....



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well this is odd, we had rain, over 3 inches, so for once I have some clouds to send yer way!!!

Love that Farmgirl Bling -- yum yum, glaze!!! Peach-Praline, that's delicious-sounding!!!

Those silly chickens! Scare 'em by showing them a frying pan!!! "Get in that coop or you'll be acquainted with the INSIDE of this pan, girls!!!" LOL...just a fake scare...

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, those blueberry blossoms caught my eye. Those look well as everything else. :)

Small House said...

WOW!!!!! What a lucky family you have!
Love the goat!! I grew up on a hobby farm. It was a lot of fun.