Monday, July 6, 2009

Produce Pickin!!

Here is the ad in the Country Register my friends and I are in!! SEE CHICKEN SCRATCH FARMS LOL

Cardamon bread rounds

I love this pic and think it is my favo!! Just picked sweet Rainier cherries and early blueberries!! My mom and I started pickin today!! We also picked some of our round italian zucchini, gold zucchini, plain ol zucchini and some tart cherries too. Mount morency cherries, but those are gonna get pitted and right into pies tomorrow!! for market.

It was a glorious farm day today!! in the mid 70's and just perfect pickin weather!! i worked at the flower shop helpin my mom make some funeral arrangements this am then came home and worked on the farm. I had to weed some of the beans, those dang ol weeds grow no matter what the weather is!! Hope yall had a sweet, safe and fun holiday weekend!! sad to see it over already!! summer just flies by as we stay so busy that I just want to take a day that hubby and I can do something special together and if we can with the boys that would be perfect!! of cource it gets so hot they are better off stayin at home in the AC!! Well Mr. Bubba is in the warm waterbed whatever the temp is!! crazy boy!!

A pic of a couple of our black raspberry bushes near the farmstand.

These bushes are just full of goodies to ripen!!

Well the "angry girls" were much happier today, they are all out and diggin and scratchin all over the farm. I kept them closed up friday and sat as there were a few hawks flyin around and yesterday they WERE MAD at me!! so i figured since we stayed at home ALL day they should be safe with us here and there. BUT boy when i went in the coop sunday am to do chores they were ANGRY!! they stretched their little necks up to see out the screen door and literally were "squackin me out" everyone was all in a tizzy!! I got brutally attacked when i reached over to pull their door open, one jumped on my back and scratched my neck, one reached from the crate she was sittin on and pecked at my cheek and mamma clara got my hand and arm when i reached in crate to feed her and her 2 little babes!! She went all "kung fo chicken" on my arm and even broke the skin thru my pink work gloves!! so there are bruises all over me!! I got the snot kicked right on out of me this weekend!! CRAZY!!

A few of the handmade soaps.



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

OMGosh, ATTACK OF THE ANGRY CHICKENS!!! Those bad, bad, bad girls! Maybe they need to be told they might end up swimmin' with the DUMPLINS if they ever do that again! And to think you were saving their lives from the hawk, but to get jumped in return, it's just too mean!

Hey, there you are in the ad, bigger than life!!! CHICKEN SCRATCH FARM!!!!

My "girls" Twinkie and Gracie send kisses to your "boys" -- LOL...

craftychick said...

Buster Bubba and little Barney send big smoochies back to Twinkie and Gracie!!
Yepper those girls sure are being UNGRATEFUL arent they!! LOL
Have you ever watched chicken run? too cute!