Friday, July 31, 2009

Flyin by friday!!

GEEEEEEEE I just cannot believe how fast this day went right on by~!!!! WHEW!!!!
So market on thurs was a bit slower than usual but that was ok we had absolutlely GORGEOUS GORGEOUS weather!! and we had fun of cource!! EXCEPT FOR>>>>>>>>>>>>>> one of the other famers (i use the term loosely with some of them) had the nerve to come in my booth while i was still settin up in the am because she happened to notice I brought 3 bushel of corn with me to sell!! she and I quote her said " we thought you were a bakery".... well my response was of cource........we are Chicken Scratch Farm and Bake Shoppe.......why cant i be both?? She didnt answer but proceeded to ask just how much I was sellin my corn for so I told her and she went off like some ol cackin hen that just had to spread some gossip around!! She told me that she was gonna report me to the market director for selling too cheap! her words were "below wholesale and that is illegal" WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN AND WHAT NERVE OF HER!! I even though I sure didnt have to explain my method of pricin to HER stated that this is our first pickin and it is smaller ears and also it isnt our usual good corn. It is peaches and cream NOT OUR AMBROSIA (which by the way is some ROCKIN CORN) so we decided to let it go a dollar a dozen cheaper. She kept up so by this time i had it with this big bully and told her I AM NOT changin my price to match everyone elses THAT IS CALLED DICTATORSHIP!! She has a reputation of being a bully and attacks everyone with produce about their prices if they are just a tiny bit lower than her.. Remember Seinfeld? the soup guy!! well here is the "PRODUCE WOMAN" anyway we had words and I basically said I dont have time for this nonsense and that I have to finish my set up. GEEEEEZZZZZEE I just wanted to yell BITE ME!! I have had it with this tyrant.. she made the poor kid that used to be next to me nervous because before he would even get out of his truck she was right there in his face askin what his fruit prices are!!
You know I have heard rumors from a few folks at this market that she has nerve since she buys alot wholesale to sell.. I really think they should do surprise farm inspections on the farm vendors because I can write quite a book about the LIES and UNTRUTHS I hear come out of some peoples mouths whom I know for a fact sell things they dont grow!!
Ok done venting now.
Here is the line up for market tomorrow:
blueberry pies, blueberry crumble pie, blueberry butter cakes, a 7 up cake, Grandma Roses's Oatmeal raisin coconut cookies, chocolate chocolate chippers, choc-oat chip nut cookies, chunky peanut peanut butter cookies, 3 kinds of fresh veggie salsas, some of my infamous (he he) "cluckin spicy silly dilly beans" a new spin on my silly dilly beans, these have red pepper flakes, onions and some spices in them along with the dill. A few fresh peach pies, some garlic oregano breadsticks, cinnamon raisin bread, and OH TA DA!! A very new hot from the oven idea!! do you remember my little blueberry blossoms? well I made cherry ones today and also apple walnut!! Will try to remember to take pics of those at market tomorrow cuz they turned out just FABO!! and TOO TOO CUTE!~! and made some cheddar onion bread and more cardamom loaves. I think that is about it! oh and my recipe of cherry almond muffins, mini cherry almond cupcakes, and loaded carrot cake with praline topping. OK now i think that is it!! I have been a bakin fool lately huh!! LOL too many ideas and not enough time........for sure........
SO have a blessed evening and weekend and I will let yall know how market goes tomorrow!!


Carmen C. said...

All your goodies sound delicious!!! Sorry you had to deal with the "produce bully" seems like there is one in every crowd! Have a great weekend:)

foodmomiac said...

So thrilled to find your blog. I walk to your farm every Saturday morning for fresh eggs and other treats. Thanks so much for being you - Chicken Scratch Farm is a favorite in our household.