Friday, July 10, 2009


~~HEY YALL~~~ Well the flour was a flyin today at the kitchen!! LOL had lots of things to make. Started out with another new recipe I came up with for a cherry almond rustic pie!! it smells yummy too!! also I altered my pistachio bread recipe and came up with Butter Struesel topped orange loaves, made some chocolate chip cookies, some lavander lemon triangles, (with our organic lavander buds) and these smell great!! and they look pretty and taste great too!! I will take my dig cam with me to market tomorrow to get some pics. Made up some blueberry orange butter crumb topped muffins, more of my cherry almond muffins, mini cherry almond bundt cakes topped off with a almond flavored glaze, some little blueberry blossoms, some apple with cream cheese blossoms and some garlic rosemary breadsticks. Oh then I found a recipe in one of my old quick cooking books for a banana cream pie well being the altering chick that I am I made Cream cheese banana pudding pie topped off with fresh blueberries! they look fabo!! I made some great smelling Cucumber salsa, since we are pickin cukes and usually have tons left!! this is gonna be good i made an extra container for me to have with chips tomorrow at market. THURS market in Allegan was super!@! a beautiful day too!! we sold lots and it was perfect weather outside.

Well I have to get off this puter my boys are mad and I have to spend some quality time with them tonight! I did pick some of our fresh green beans, and some round italian zucchini, plus some gold zucchinis so if you are near stop on by the farmstand and pick up some fresh produce~

have a blessed evening yall!!



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a busy lady you are, and what a sweetie! I know your cooking and creations bring joy to many! I get happy just reading about them from a thousand miles away!!!

Kiss those doggies for I musn't have favorites but give Barney an extra kissie...who can resist the baby of the family!!!

Carmen C. said...

Oh My!! I DROOL everytime I visit here, it all sounds SO,SO YUMMY!!!!