Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Happy fouth~

Some granola mix I made up called CHICKEN SCRATCH CRUNCH~chocolate granola mix!!
The cupcakes in backround were so darn cute! pineapple orange with buttercream frosting chocolate drops in center and orange zest on top.
Containers of my not too hot fresh tomato salsa, and my peach mango salsa! sold out!!

These are my lavander lemon cookies that went over really good at market!! Just a hint of lemon not to over power the sweet lavander taste.

Sold out!!Cardamom bread braids

Little cherry pies SOLD OUT you really cant see the cut out stars I put on top but they were so cute!

Peach dumplings!! these were sold out quickly!

CAN U BELIEVE IT IS ALMOST THE FOURTH OF JULY????????? I sure can't!! But I hope yall have a Happy and Safe Holiday Weekend!!

Well market was........ well THE BEST yesterday~~we were busy all day and sold out of almost everything we took!! This week I had my blueberry banana bread, straw banana bread, zucchini pineaple bread, cheddar bread rounds, cardamom bread braids and rounds, cinnamon swirl bread, banana butter crumb topped bread, and muffins, peach dumplings, cheery cherry pies (which i topped with stars cut from pie dough), lavander lemon shortbread cookies (yummo!~)chunky peanut peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, orange pineapple cupcakes, orange marmalade pecan bread loaves, just to mention some of it! LOL Well today I have an order to deliver first thing this am to a nearby store so hope they can sell it all for this busy weekend!! I really decided this week NO SLEEP needed for me!! LOL i will probably sleep all day sunday to make up for all the baking hours this week!! But it sure is great!! I cant explain the feeling when someone who has bought from me comes back and says :that was the best pie or bread:
I just wish we could have an actual bakery but do however enjoy attending the local markets to get our name out there. It is great exposure for sure. Well better get my butt off here and get the morning things done so I can get to the kitchen and package and label everything that I made last nigth after market to take this am!! then it is back to kitchen to bake for tomorrows market!! WHEW!!!!!!!!!
Hope yall have a super duper safe and enjoyable weekend!
and happy baking yall!!

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simple~needs said...

everything looks so yummy!!!
good job!