Monday, July 13, 2009

I be Jammin Monday

I had fun at the kitchen today!!

Well I did it i made BLUEBERRY JALAPENO PRESERVES today, and OH i have to tell yall!! YUM YUM!! we dug right on in after filling all the jars. Of cource there was just enough left for us to try some.... we got out the cream cheese and some sesame covered crackers and oh I thought the hot pepper jelly was tasty!! this was incredible!! i can just see this one being used on pork or poultry (well maybe NOT CHICKEN!!)lol) but it has a very distinctive taste. Tomorrow I am pickin some sweet cherries to make Cherry jalapeno preserves and then another flavor which will be COMING SOON!! LOL so I got 20 jars today and think i will make another couple of batches for august when we celebrate the blueberry festival in south haven, MI which I need to get extra sleep the weeks before cuz i am here to tell yall there aint no time to sleep that week!! I dream of different blueberry deserts and such I can come up with. So far I want to dry some fresh blueberries to get em ready for a blueberry white chocolate biscotti I think we will make. AHHHHHHHH this is the life!! I am so thankful and so exstatic for this life I have been given!!!
I am adding a pic of one of our crazy crazy fun roosters...

This is Charlie and his is one WILD AND CRAZY GUY!! he has his little heirum for sure, usually there are at least 8 of the gals that hang just with him close by the house, we figure he is blind in his right eye as it looks like a cataract on it but it doesnt stop him at all!!
Well have a great night!!
Talk to ya soon!

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