Friday, July 17, 2009


Here are a few pics from yesterday market day. I decided to take a portion of my craft display and add it on the end of the booth. I think it looked great and we sure made good use of the space.

My new display rac (not new but repurposed rack)

Customers made some nice comments about the booth and also liked the baskets on the shelves of the display rack on the end. IT sure did hold alot so will def use this one for markets!! maybe add another on the other end too.
Well at long last we got some nice rain yesterday and some today!! WOO HOO!! YIPPEE!! we surely needed it. The gardens are growing superbly and this rain made everything grow so much overnight!!
YEAH!! Well i did it AGAIN!! Came up with another great recipe!! this one is for cherry jalapeno preserves and it was a super big hit at market yesterday so made another 2 batches this am at the kitchen!! then it was on to baking: tomorrow I am taking with me the following:
Cinnamon raisin bread, cinnamon swirl bread, banana blueberry bread, cheddar onion bread rounds, cheddar pepper onion bread, glazed cinnamon buns, my recipe of a hopefully great desert!!BERRY CHERRY CRISP!~!~ I used some of our sweet cherries mixed with some of our black raspberries and blackberries!! topped off with a crumb oat crisp!! It smells yummy!!
Also made a few blueberry cream cheese pies, mini cherry pies, blueberry and peach blossoms, (my mini version of a pie topped with cource sugar and butter) zucchini pineapple bread, pistachio bread, luscious lemon bread with pecans, some more dip mixes and crisp mixes, chunky granola cereal pkgs, mini peach blueberry cobblers, mini peach cobblers, butter crumb topped blueberry muffins, and chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookies. WHEWWWWW I think that is it~~that is enough plus I had a few muffins from thurs in the freezer so I am taking them with too. I also have 4 kinds of cookies and some double dipped pretzels to take too. The booth should be full which is how i like it!! LOL
I hope yall have a blessed evening I am off to relax in the recliner with my boys!! then off to do chores and close the farmstand and SLEEP! which I am kind of ready for NOW!LOL
Talk to ya soon!!



Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

Hi there, just wanted to say everything looks so good! Your baskets and displays look great too, if I could have been there I sure would have bought something!!
Deb :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think the cherry-jalapeno preserves sound like the most delicious spread in the world!!! WOW, would that ever be a bit hit out here in Texas! Or Arizona!

Your booth looks GREAT!!!