Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baked today

So I played and had lots of fun at the kitchen today!! First was a new recipe I came up with Orange vanilla sandwich cookies.  These have fresh grated orange peel and also in the filling I added some homemade orange marmalade jelly.  They are really good too!!! I love the round fluted edge cutters.
This is the filling almost ready to chill.
A vanilla buttercream with the added marmalade.  Here are bottoms with some piped filling on them waitin for their tops!!AHHH not quite done yet!~ AS yall know me!!  They needed some of my "farmgirl bling" LOL just powderd sugar no glaze this time.  I think they look perfect this way!
Also on the list was an espresso filled espresso cookie which are still at the kitchen waiting for me to make the filling.   I did some sugar cookies hearts mostly and some on sticks to put in floral arrangements for next week.

This is a big big batch of sugar cookie dough, made a large batch of pie dough for peach and apple pies for market.   
Then I also made some red velvet little round cakes they are also waiting for decorations, and tried some red velvet whoopie pies.  I made homemade marshmellow fluff to fill them with.  I also made up some of my peanut peanut butter filled whoopie pies and some more of my cranberry lemon cream filled sandwich cookies.  Gosh I think that was it!~! The rest will get done tomorrow.  I am thinkin of maybe taking some of our zucchini out of freezer and making some zucchini walnut bread too.    Never enough time though!!! LOL well better get to gettin outside and do chores my horse and goats know what time it is!! oh and remember me telling ya bout the "angry girls"???  WELLLLLL  they were out today and no one misbehaved at all!! no one even looked angrily at me or anything!! Maybe they somehow knew that I had only their best intentions in not letting them run a muk wild on those extreme cold days!! TODAY is was a whoopin 25 and snowing snowin and more snowin!!
HAVE A BLESSED EVENING Will chat more soon!!
stop on by for your goodies!!

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Dawn said...

oooh I wish I lived near you to taste your delights!