Friday, February 19, 2010

Bronson Market Kalamazoo MI

I decided to add some of my dried sweet basil flakes to the egg noodle recipe and it tasted wonderful! Had a bowl last night and only added some butter.

I made a few bags up for market today and also did up some plain egg noodles with the fettucini cutter.

These dough balls are gonna be my egg bread braids.

I rolled the brioche dough into a tube and added cinnamon sugar and some plumped up golden raisins.   Rolled each one and popped them into a jumbo muffin pan.  Each has some cinnamon sugar sprinkled ontop.Here's the baked result.  I was gonna add a bit of glaze but they really are good without it and less messy to carry and eat.
Here are the ropes for each braided egg bread. And the braid!!  These have become a weekly addition and they also make awesome grilled ham and cheese sandwiches!! We had that for supper last night with a bowl of the basil noodles.

A new addition is my orange pecan shortbread cookies.  These are really good!! I just added some orange extract in addition to vanilla and also some fresh orange zest and chopped salted pecans.  What a flavor and I figured anything added to basic shortbread is gonna be super duper delic~
Ok well that was some of the treats I made for market yesterday along with some standbys like lemon poppyseed bundt cake, lemon blueberry muffins, peach praline bread and muffins, pistachio bread, all my regurlar cookies and also some peach cobblers. 
Have a great friday and happy baking!!

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